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9 Premarital Medical Screening Tests You Should be Aware Of

Medical screening is a strategy used in medicine to detect the presence of disease or health condition in an individual. Medical screening is important because it brings to the fore undiagnosed diseases and health conditions for easy management and treatment. Premarital medical screening is equally important as premarital counseling. Indeed, there are several benefits you gain when you go for such screening. The main benefit is the detection of undiagnosed



15 Weird Marriage Customs from Around the World

Marriage is universal and it is celebrated worldwide. However, the customs associated with marriage differ from each other as day and night. While some customs are understandable, others border on craziness. Indeed, some of the marriage customs from around the world are simply weird. Knowing about some of these customs is good especially if you are unmarried and dating a partner from a different culture. Here are 15 weird marriage


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8 Parenting Challenges for Single Moms

There are different reasons why you may be a single mom. It may be as simple as having a kid or kids out of wedlock. You may also end up as a single mom because of divorce or as a widow. Regardless of the reason, you have the heavy responsibility to take care bring up the kids the best way you can. However, you need and should prepare yourself for



7 Most Common Mental Issues in Women

Women display certain mental issues more than men do. If, as a woman, you too experience depression, anxiety disorder or any other mental health disorder, you are one of many women experiencing the same problem. There are 29 million American women who have gone through a mental health disorder in one year. There could be many more unreported cases. Some men experience autism to a higher extent, apart from schizophrenia,



5 Tips on How to Be a Good Stepmom

There are various reasons why you are or can become a stepmom. It can be by choice or because of unavoidable circumstances. You can be a step mom simply because you chose to marry a man whose wife passed away and is left with kids. It is also possible to be a stepmom in a case where you are called upon to take care of and guide kids even if



Top 15 Women Celebs Who Got Nose Job Done

A nose job is one type of cosmetic plastic surgical treatment sought by many celebrities. Although it is sought by both male and female celebrities, more female celebs appear to be receiving the treatment compared to their male counterparts. The following are the top 15 women celebs that got the nose job done. Although some of them admit having received a nose job, other always deny although their latest photos


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Quick Guide to Shaving Pubic Hair for Women

The shaving of pubic hair continues to be a controversial topic. While there are women who shave in order to be trendy or as part of their body maintenance regime, there are those who abhor it all together. First Decide if You Should Shave or Not Whether to shave or not shave your pubic hair is really a personal decision. It all depends on your preference and how you want



4 Fashion Tips for Every Professional Woman You Shouldn’t Miss

If your office has a strict dress code, then it’s given that you have very little playfield to experiment with fashion. But if you work in a totally cool office with lots of relaxation on dress codes, then it’s important that you know all the correct rules to look like a diva in office. The following 4 tips will definitely show you how to do it- 1. Take your shoes



10 Main Causes of Missed or Irregular Periods

You are biologically wired to experience menstrual flow once every month. This is provided that you are of child-bearing age. This is when the ovary releases an egg that gets eliminated from your body if fertilization does not occur. Although you are bound to experience menstrual flow (period) every month after every 25-28 days, the period can either miss or become irregular. This is the condition that is medically referred


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10 Handy Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

If you have got your hair colored to keep up with the latest fashion trends, it is equally important to take good care of your stresses lest the shine and vibrancy of your hair will be lost. Hair color tends to make hair more porous. This further causes the hair to absorb and release moisture in an easier and more frequent pattern. Moreover, this can further lead to loss of