Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Commonly known as sinusitis, rhinosinusitis is a very common condition worldwide. This is a condition in which inflammation occurs in the paranasal sinuses. Most cases of rhinosinusitis resolve within 10 days. Rhinosinusitis can be chronic or acute (the subject of this article). Unlike acute bacterial rhinosinusitis, chronic rhinosinusitis can last longer than three months and is usually caused by varied diseases that cause chronic inflammation of sinuses. Chronic rhinosinusitis presents such symptoms as nasal congestion, headache, night cough and asthma symptoms.

As for acute bacterial rhinosinusitis, it is usually occurs as a result of upper respiratory tract infection caused by bacteria. However, acute rhinosinusitis can also be caused by viral infections. In most cases, acute bacterial rhinosinusitis only last for a few weeks before wearing off. The condition is prevalent in diabetic and other patients with immune deficiencies. It is also important to point out that apart from that caused by bacteria, rhinosinusitis in general can also be caused by inhalation of chemical fumes including cigarette smoke.

Causes of Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis

Acute bacterial rhinosinusitis is mainly caused by bacteria. In this regard, three types of bacteria are responsible. These include Streptococcus pneumonia, Haemophylus influenza and Moraxella catarrhalis. A close look at these bacteria shows that they are responsible for causing other diseases such as influenza and pneumonia, which encourage the development of rhinosinusitis. It is critical to point out at this juncture although rhinosinusitis can also be caused by viral infection, most of such cases turn into bacterial rhinosinusitis.

Symptoms of Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis

Acute bacterial rhinosinusitis presents varied symptoms, some which are similar to those presented by rhinosinusitis caused by virus. Symptoms include localized facial pain, headache, thick nasal discharges usually green in color and fever. Although the symptoms can be mild and the condition easily wears off, there is usually the danger of complications. Untreated rhinosinusitis can cause such complications as infection of eye sockets (which can lead to loss of sight), infection of forehead and facial bones (osteomyelitis and pott’s puffy tumor respectively) and ear problems due to congestion of nasal passages.

Treatment of Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis

There are various options when it comes to treating acute bacterial rhinosinusitis. Natural treatment options include application of warm, moist cloth several times in a day on the nose and inhaling the warm air. Increasing intake of water and other fluids also helps in thinning mucus. Although not a treatment option, decongestant nasal sprays provide relied from symptoms. The first line of medical treatment is usually through the use of antibiotics. Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Fluoroquinolones, Clarithromycin and Doxycycline are the most commonly prescribed medications.

In extreme cases, surgery is usually undertaken. Nasal surgery is usually undertaken for chronic rhinosinusitis that shows signs of causing serious complications. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the latest surgery treatment available. It involves the removal of the anatomical obstructions associated with rhinosinusitis. Another surgery treatment available is balloon sinuplasty. It is a less invasive technique that involves the use of balloons to expand sinus openings. Older surgery techniques are only undertaken if a patient shows no positive response with the latest surgery treatment techniques.


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Can Hair Weaving Stop Hair Loss?

Worn by celebrities and ordinary women from across the world, hair weave has the positive effect of producing long, thick and luxurious hair appearance that attracts everyone. The hair weave has no doubt undergone major transformations over the years and it is not surprising that it is a common item in both large and small salons across the world. Although very popular, hair weave is not suitable for every woman. You need to weigh its advantages and disadvantages before you set off for the salon to have one fixed on your hair.


Simply put, hair weave is an item used in treating hair. The weave is can be artificial or natural human hair that a salonist weaves into your natural hair close to your scalp. There are several reasons why you may want to spot hair weave including need to have long, thick and luxurious hair or to camouflage your natural hair that is otherwise poor in texture. You may also want to spot hair weave in order to be fashionable. Hair weaves are available in different colours and can be weaved in different styles depending on your need for weave, preference and size of your hair among other factors.

Spotting a hair weave requires that you have the time because it can take several hours to weave. You also need to have adequate finance since quality hair weave can be very expensive in addition to service charges. Can hair weaving stop hair loss? This is a question that many and in particular those who suffer hair loss do ask. The simple answer is yes, it can. Coloring, perming and styling your hair for months or years no doubt leaves your hair weak and most likely damaged. The best solution to this is usually a quality hair weave that serves to protect your natural hair.

In fixing the weave on your natural hair, a salonist will normally braid your natural hair first before fixing the weave. What this means is that the weave remains on top and absorbs all the abuse (use of styling tools) that your natural hair would have absorbed. This gives your natural hair enough time to “rest’ since it remains well protected. It is during the “resting” period, which can be as long as three months before you change or remove the weave that your natural hair rejuvenates itself, stopping hair loss in the process.

Although hair weaves produce long, luxurious and thick hair appearance, you need to note that not all hair weaves are created the same. Because you need a weave that compliments your complexion, it is very important that you choose a quality hair weave whose cost will no doubt be on the higher side. Settling for a cheap hair weave will only make it possible for anyone to notice that you put on a fake weave. Top quality hair weaves are those that are made of natural human hair. This is the type of weave that will match your natural hair’s texture to appoint where one believes that it is your natural hair instead of a weave.


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How to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Hormones are what you can say to be messengers within your body. They are transported by blood through your bloodstream into body organs and tissues. Hormones work at a slow but steady pace and work for a long time. There are different hormones that play different roles within your body including promoting growth and development of your body, in metabolism process, in sexual function and in determining your mood among other functions.

Production of hormones within the body is by group of cells referred to as endocrine glands including thyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands, pituitary, thymus and pineal. In addition to these glands, hormones are also produced testes in case of men and ovaries in case of women. Production of hormones involves use of healthy fats and cholesterol. Although production for hormones is a natural process, there is always the risk of your endocrine gland using toxic substances to produce hormones. This can easily lead to your body’s hormonal imbalance. It is therefore important that you undertake additional measures to ensure that your hormones remain balanced at all times.

Natural ways to Balance your Hormones:


1. One effective way of balancing your hormones naturally is by not consuming polyunsaturated fats. These are man-made fats commonly found in vegetable oils. Your body requires an average 95% saturated and monounsaturated fats with the remaining 5% made up of polyunsaturated fat. This is the best situation that encourages hormonal balance. Consuming polyunsaturated fat contained in vegetable oils simply increases level of the same, which in effect replaces saturated fats, leading to hormonal imbalance. The disadvantage with polyunsaturated fat is that it easily oxidizes oxidation that causes cell mutation and inflammations within the body. It is therefore very important that you avoid consuming vegetable oils, soybean oil, canola oil and peanut oil among others and instead restrict yourself to consuming coconut oil, animal fat and olive oil among others.

2. You can also balance your hormonal balance naturally by minimizing intake of caffeine. Found in some of the most popular beverages and soft drinks including coffee, caffeine’s action within your body affects the endocrine system negatively, leading to either overproduction or underproduction of specific hormones, causing hormonal imbalance. Consuming beverages and drinks containing caffeine during pregnancy can even be worse since pregnancy itself causes some level of hormonal imbalance.

3. Toxins that enter your body through food stuffs you eat or water that you drink also cause hormonal imbalance. Such toxins include pesticides and chemical substances found in plastics among others. It is therefore very important that you go the extra mile to ensure that you identify source of food stuffs sold at your regular grocery store before you buy. It is also important that you take such other steps that help in avoiding toxins as ensuring that you live in a healthy environment where indoor air circulation is at its best.

4. Another great and simple way of balancing your hormones naturally is by ensuring that you get adequate sleep. It has been proven that lack of adequate sleep does not only cause stress but affects production of specific hormones as well. There are those hormones that are only produced when your body is at rest and failure to get quality sleep for at least eight hours per day simply interferes with production of the same, leading to hormonal imbalance.

These are no doubt just a few of the ways through which you can balance your hormones naturally. It is important that you take all of them into account because you may stick to one and yet cause hormonal imbalance by avoiding the other.


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5 Miracle Foods for Hair Growth

There is no doubt that your hair is your crown. It is the hair and your facial area of your body that those you come into contact with look at first. This makes it necessary that you pay keen attention to your hair especially if you are struggling with hair that seems not to grow. It is no secret that there are many women (and men too) who have struggled with their hair for years only to realize that their efforts do not bear any fruit; they continue to remain with hair that has simply “refused” to increase in length. Luckily, you do not need to shop for any chemical product to make your hair longer. There are a number of foods that help with hair growth naturally.


Avocados contain high levels of essential fatty acids. These are the same fatty acids that occur naturally in your skin cells, helping in keeping your skin smooth. Applying ripe avocado externally on your hair and scalp stimulates production of both elastin and collagen, two components necessary for growth of hair. For best results, it is a good idea to mix ripe avocado with any sour cream before applying on your hair and scalp. This is because sour creams contain lactic acid that is very effective in exfoliating dead skin cells on the scalp. This makes it possible for smooth production of elastin and collagen.

Yellow Peppers

Yellow peppers contain very high levels of vitamin C, which is a very powerful natural antioxidant. Yellow peppers actually contain 341 mg of vitamin C as opposed to such other fruits as oranges that only contain 63 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C has a positive effect on your hair. In addition to strengthening hair shaft and cleaning hair follicles, vitamin C also prevents hair breakage.


Eating fish is very good when it comes to having healthy skin, nails and hair that is full and long. Eating any fish will however not do. Salmon fish in particular is very rich in vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, compounds that help in keeping the scalp healthy, which in effect encourages hair growth.


Lack of sufficient amount of zinc in the body has for a long time been ascertained to be one of the main causes of hair loss. This is in addition to unhealthy scalp. Luckily, oysters are very rich in zinc. Consuming three ounces of oysters daily, the amount of zinc that your body needs every day goes a long way in encouraging growth of hair.


Eating eggs is no doubt a sure way of making your hair grow. In addition to all the three omega-3 fatty acids, eggs contain biotin, which many women in need of growing their hair buy in form of supplements. However, you need not just eat eggs. You need to focus on eating the yolk part of eggs. Note that eating egg whites has the negative effect of preventing absorption of biotin into your body.
These are just a few of the many foods that have been identified as containing critical compounds that encourage hair growth. It is important to point out that these are the same compounds that are required for healthy skin and nails.


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Effects of Hormonal Imbalance on Skin

Hormones are messengers in form of chemicals that are transported to different parts of your body through the bloodstream. You indeed have different types of hormones responsible for different activities within your body. They are produced by endocrine glands including pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenal and pancreas. Note also that hormones are also produced by the testes in makes and in the ovaries for females. Although hormones are very responsible and therefore important for various body functions including good health, they need to be perfectly balanced. Any imbalance in your hormonal levels causes a number of health problems and disruption of body functions.


Although there are several factors that can cause hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body, the main cause happens to be excess estrogen, which leads to low level of progesterone hormone. Excess estrogen can be caused by such factors as use of birth control pills, high stress level, mis-use and /or over-use of cosmetics containing skin-penetrating chemicals. Apart from these, high estrogen can also occur as result of genetics, being overweight, cancer, lack of exercise, pregnancy and lactation among other factors.

Like with any other condition in your body, you are bound to experience various symptoms because of hormonal imbalance. Such include general body fatigue, appearance of acne on the skin, regular mood swings, reduced libido and loss of memory among other symptoms. You may also develop various health conditions in case of extreme hormonal imbalance. Such include urinary tract infections, arthritis, hair loss and chronic fatigue syndrome among other health conditions.

Effects of hormonal imbalance are not limited to internal parts of your body. It is on your skin where symptoms do become easily visible. Hormonal imbalance in both male and female teenagers normally shows on the skin as blemishing of the skin and excess oil on the skin. Even though these symptoms and the imbalance do fade away as teens age, there are those who remain with imbalanced hormones and therefore experience the symptoms right into adulthood.

Apart from blemishing of the skin and excess oil on the skin, hormonal imbalance also causes imbalance of skin moisture. Hormones naturally stimulate sebaceous glands in the skin to produce sebum, the skin’s natural oil. While high level of estrogen leads to high production of sebum and therefore highly moisturized skin, low level of estrogen hinders production of sebum, leading to dry skin. This in older women occurs as sagging skin.

There is no doubt that hormones play a very important role in determining the appearance, health and texture of your skin. It is because of these that cosmetic manufacturers now manufacture skin care products that contain ingredients that encourage hormonal balance. Such ingredients include isoflavones obtained from soy, pregnenolone and dehydroepiandrostone (DHEA). The latter two are obtained from yams. These ingredients act to ensure that your hormonal fluctuations are kept under control. Apart from skin care products, it is recommended that you personal initiative to maintain hormonal balance as much as possible. This you can do by carefully selecting what you eat, cutting down on intake of caffeine and ensuring that you obtain quality sleep for at least eight hours every day.


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Beware of Slimming Products (Drugs and Supplements)


You find them in supermarkets, drug stores and at grocery outlets, all promising to reduce your excess body weight within a few days or weeks of use. Although very popular since they are marketed as the most effective remedies for dealing with excess body weight, using slimming products can be very dangerous to your health. You seriously need to re-consider your decision in case you use slimming products because of their many disadvantages. slimmingproduct
From the onset, slimming products are over-the-counter products whose sale is not regulated. Indeed, most slimming products are introduced into the market without necessarily being approved by such authorities as US Food and Drug Administration. This is because they fall under the category of dietary supplements that are not subjected to rigorous testing that prescription medications are subjected to. Using slimming products is therefore similar to putting yourself at great risk of developing serious health complications.
The other disadvantage to using slimming products relates to their effectiveness. Although widely marketed as highly effective and as having been subjected to clinical trials, the reality is that most slimming products cannot pass safety and efficacy test. Furthermore, there are slimming products that have been approved by different authorities including US Food and Drug Administration with warnings that they can still cause health problems.
There is no doubt that just like with conventional medications, slimming products too case various side effects. While some side effects are tolerable, others cannot be tolerated. Likewise, there are short-term and long-term side effects. While most slimming products are marketed as formulated with natural ingredients, the reality is that most slimming products contain dangerous ingredients including chemicals that can serious side effects that can be life threatening.
Slimming products have for a long time been associated with liver problems and for good reason. There are slimming products formulated with chemicals that end up in the liver, putting those who already have liver problems at risk of liver failure. There is no doubt that slimming products are some of the costly products available. This is mainly because they are in high demand by those out to cut down on their excess body weight. There are indeed many who have spent fortunes in slimming products yet have nothing to show for their spending.
The fact that safety and efficacy of many slimming products cannot be vouched for makes it necessary to seriously consider use of the them. The disadvantage of using slimming products can best be illustrated by Maggie DeWolfe’s story of hallucinating cats. After struggling with excess body weight for years, Maggie decided to try a weight loss supplement that was full of promises. Sticking to instructions, Maggie experienced the first side effects after only two days of taking the supplements. This is when she was forced to pee at least six times in a day in addition to pooping twice every day. This, she believed, was the “flushing” out toxins from her body. This was followed by excessive thirst after a week of using the supplements since the supplements reduced liquid level in body tissues. This was followed by unexplained weird craving for hot sauce and veggie cream cheese, things she was not used to eating. A month of using the supplements was the beginning of what she calls “horror” experience. She started by experiencing dizzy spells, vomiting, diarrhea, severe stomach cramps and constant headaches that forced her to miss work. On one of the afternoons while having a nap on her couch, Maggie rolled over only to find several cats in her living room. She did not own any cats. She was only hallucinating. Although Maggie threw the supplements away, she continues to suffer hallucinations often, which has forced her to live with her grandchildren for company, out of fear.



5 Tips to Buy Right Bra


brapicShopping for a Bra

It is a rite of passage for you to start thinking of and shopping for a bra once you enter into adolescence. However, you do not remain with your first bra for a long time. The changes that your body goes through make it necessary to shop for a different type of bra. Issues to do with bra do not end at that point. You still need to wear a comfortable and well fitting bra even as you age. Although body changes can make shopping for the right bra a challenge, keeping the following factors in mind should make shopping for bra an easy and enjoyable experience.


According to female fashion stylists, about 85% of women wear wrong size of bra. The stylists indicate that this is caused by the fact that very few women get fitted before they go shopping for bra. They encourage women to go for what they call “bra check-up”, which involves measuring to obtain the full measurement from under the burst across to the full part of the other burst. Obtaining that measurement at any particular time does not inform the right size of bra to buy. You need to remain alive to the fact that the right size of bra to buy will change depending on whether or not you gain weight, become pregnant or nursing among other changes.

Bra Cup

Ascertaining the right size of bra to buy is not the only important consideration you need to take into account when shopping for a bra. You need a bra that supports your breasts comfortable in addition to positioning them correctly. Ideally, a well fitting and supportive bra should lift and position your breasts at the center of your burst, midway between your elbows and shoulders. It is therefore very important that you take into account a bra’s cup before you buy.


Although most bras are made of elastic materials including spandex and Lycra, it is important that you take into account how far they can stretch over time. Choose a bra that can stretch an still fit you well but let it remain in your mind that a bra can stretch out, meaning it can become permanently loose and non-functional.


This is one thing that most women fail to consider when shopping for bras. Shop for a bra with a cup structured with a seam. This is because your breast tissue rest on the seam and a seamless cup will not give your breasts the desired shape. A seam makes your breasts look full.

Top Garment

Although bras are under garments, do ensure that you wear the right top garment when shopping for a bra. You need to wear a top that is fitting to be able to see how different bras fit you as you try them on.
These are just a few of the factors you need to take into account when shopping for a bra. Even as you do so, it is very important that you know how you will care for any bra that you buy. Apart from buying high quality bras, it is also important that you pay attention to tag instructions. Sticking to such instructions will make you bra last long so long as it still fits you well.


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Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt


Simply put, yogurt is fermented milk. The fermentation process involves addition of specific bacteria (Lactobacillus and Streptococcus), which are generally referred to as yogurt cultures. These bacteria ferment the lactose part of milk, which in effect produces lactic acid, which acts on protein contained in milk, giving yogurt its characteristic tang and texture. Although cow’s milk is the commonly used in making yogurt, milk obtained from other animals are also used in making yogurt in different parts of the world.eatyogurteveryday

Eating yogurt provides for a number of benefits one of which is improved health. Yogurt contains sufficient amounts of calcium, protein, Vitamins B6 and B12, protein and riboflavin. Eating yogurt should not be a problem even if you do not tolerate lactose since lactose is converted to galactose and glucose during fermentation. Because of its contents, yyogurtis very helpful to infants and the elderly.

The other benefit that eating yogurt provides is in reducing risk of high blood pressure. This is because milk contains fat in minimal amount, which goes a long way in reducing risk of high blood pressure since very minimal fat get deposited in veins.

Eating yogurt has been found to be very beneficial to the gut. Yogurt generally helps in preventing several gastrointestinal problems including cancer of the colon, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease and intolerance to lactose among others. Yogurt has capacity to prevent such because it brings bout changes in the gut’s micro-flora and by in enhancing the body’s natural immune system.

Eating yogurt has been ascertained to be beneficial to women when it comes to preventing vaginal infections. It is a fact that majority of women diagnosed with diabetes are not only susceptible to but also suffer from yeast vaginal infections, which eating yogurt effectively prevents. Studies conducted have shown that women who eat yogurt have vaginal PH of between 4.0 and 4.5, unlike women who do not eat yogurt who have vaginal PH of between 6.0 and 6.5.

One great benefit that eating yogurt provides is in reducing excess body weight. It has been proven that eating 18 ounces of yogurt every day while minimizing intake of calories reduces body weight by as much as 20%. This is in addition to cutting down of fat deposits in the belly by as much as 80%. Eating yogurt instead of skipping lunch is therefore highly recommended.

Colds are no doubt common minor health conditions that can otherwise make one feel very uncomfortable. Luckily, eating at least 4 ounces of yogurt per day has been established to prevent colds. This is because yogurt enhances the body’s T-cells and the immune system in general. This makes it possible for the body to naturally battle any infections.

Although beneficial in different ways, not all yogurts are the same. You are most likely to find yogurt with artificial sweeteners and plain yogurt. Furthermore, it is important that you choose yogurt that contain active cultures (bacteria) so as to obtain all the benefits. You are not restricted to eating yogurt alone. You can eat yogurt with chopped strawberries, crushed pineapples or any other fruit, depending on your preferred flavor.


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Botox vs Dysport : Who is the winner?


Botox and Dysport are trade names of two prescription medications approved for medical and cosmetic use by different authorities including US Food and Drug Administration. While Botox was approved in 2002, Dysport came to be approved in 2009. Likewise, Botox is produced by Allergan Inc. while Dysport is produced by Medicis Aesthetics, both based in the USA. dysport

Both Botox and Dysport are toxins (Botulinum toxin) produced by Bacterium Clostridium. Botulinum toxin (BTX) is protein and neurotoxin substance that cause botulism a serious life-threatening illness that affects both humans and animals. BTX is the most lethal toxic substance known and is feared as a deadly potential bio-terror weapon. There is however a slight difference between Botox and Dysport. While Botox is onabotulinimtoxinA, Dysport is abobotulinumtoxinA.

Between Botox and Dysport, it is Dysport that has brought about serious debate on which of the two is the winner. Although both are approved for medical use such as in relaxing body muscles, it is in the cosmetic industry where debate about use of the two is concentrated. It is now very common for cosmetic surgeons to use the two in eliminating wrinkles that develop on the facial area for reasons that need to better be understood.

On medical studies conducted using the two substances, Dysport came out tops when it comes to improving appearance of treated wrinkles than Botox. It may however be difficult to notice any difference unless one treated with Dysport contracts his/her facial muscles as much as possible. It must ne noted that this finding has only been obtained with use of Dysport on the face and not on other parts of the body where wrinkles do develop.

Of the two, Dysport has also been found to have fast action unlike Botox. While a Dysport injection starts to work on wrinkles in about two to three days, a Botox injection can last for up to a week or longer before it starts to work on wrinkles. Dysport is therefore suitable for those who want a “quick fix” solution to wrinkles in case they intend to attend a party or a wedding at a short notice.

Another area where Dysport has proved to be more effective than Botox is when it comes to how long results remain. Dysport has proven to produce long-lasting results than Botox. In addition, Dysport produces soft natural look, making it difficult for anyone to notice whether you have received wrinkle treatment or not.

Of the two substances, Dysport has proved to be very friendly to many users, unlike Botox that some users can no longer tolerate. Many who have hitherto been using Botox have ended up developing build-up of antibodies that resist Botox and Dysport no doubt provides the best alternative.

Comparing the two substances is similar to comparing a hen and its female chicken. Although they produce similar results, how long such results last, resistance and one’s preference are the most important considerations. It must be noted that the two substances cannot be compared in terms of prize because they are available in different doses. Furthermore, the number of treatments (injections) one requires depends on several factors including extent of area of the body to be treated. It is however clear that Dysport outperforms Botox in many areas and that is the main reason why it has created such a heated debate among players in the cosmetic industry.


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3 Exercises to Relieve Your Anxiety


There is no doubt that we are all social species who generally require to be socially accepted. In this regard, any disapproval causes an apprehension that is largely the cause of anxiety. It is however important to note that there are varied forms of anxiety including general, trait, choice and paradoxical anxiety.  Although apprehension is generally the cause of anxiety, different types of anxiety can brought about by different factors. Anxiety can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.anxiety-excercise

While it is generally acceptable to be anxious in certain circumstances such as when attending an interview, extreme anxiety without any reasonable cause calls for medical attention. This is because it can progress and develop into General anxiety disorder (GAD) that presents such symptoms as excessive worry and irrational thoughts amongst others.

There are certainly various conventional treatment methods available that can be employed to treat you once you are diagnosed with anxiety. Such include cognitive behavioral therapy, parental anxiety management (for children), hypnotherapy and herbal treatments amongst many others. One other treatment method that has been found to be effective in reliving anxiety is exercise. Scientific studies have indicated that performing specific exercises have a positive effect not only in helping your body get into shape but also relieve anxiety, stress and depression amongst other medical conditions. Here are some of the exercises you can perform to relieve your anxiety:

Breathing exercises

Calculated breathing has been proved to b very effective in relieving anxiety and other associated conditions. You can perform breathing exercises while sitting or lying. The technique involves breathing in deeply slowly till your lungs are full. Hold the air in your lungs for several seconds before exhaling slowly. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, you need to perform this exercise several times with one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.

Relaxation exercises

Getting your body relaxed as much as possible has a very positive effect in relieving anxiety and the best way to relax your body is to target your body muscles. A good point to start is with your legs. Tightening one muscle at a time and holding it tightened for several seconds before loosening it impacts very positively on your other body parts, releasing any tension therein. As for your eyes, you need to perform visualization exercises that require that you be in a quiet room alone. Closing your eyes imagining that you are in a very peaceful environment where you can only hear natural sounds positively relieves anxiety.

Walking exercises

 One great way to relax your body and relieve your anxiety is to undertake walking exercises. The best way to do this is to walk slowly in a peaceful and attractive environment with a lot of green vegetation and flowers if possible. Your breathing while walking should also be well calculated. Walking for between 30 and 45 minutes should be enough.

We definitely live in a fast world where meeting deadlines, attending interviews and attending to family issues amongst others cause us a lot of stress. Performing regular exercises has been found to b a very effective way of not only relieving stress and anxiety but also preventing the occurrence of the same.