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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea For Women

Hibiscus is a herbal flowering plant that is mostly found in the tropics and subtropics. It is one of the most widely used herbs in the world to manage and treat various diseases and health conditions. The Hibiscus tea is made of the plant’s sepals. The tea, a herbal beverage, is tart in taste. It contains several beneficial nutrients including vitamin C, malic, citric and tartaric acids, polysaccharides and flavonoids


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15 Wealthiest Women in the World

Being wealthy is very different from being rich, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Being wealthy means having income streams that guarantee you high lifestyle, a lifestyle that cannot change no matter how bad your spending decisions can be. Unlike the wealthiest men in the world whose fortunes keep on changing, the number of wealthiest women in the world has somehow remained the same over the years. There



10 Worse Effects of Divorce on Children

There are times and circumstances when divorce is the only viable option of terminating your marriage. This is especially true in a case where your life and/or that of your children is in serious danger. Regardless of your reason(s) for terminating your marriage, the after effects can be very traumatizing. This is not only to you but to kids as well. Indeed, the effects on children are often serious than


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11 Common Pregnancy Complications you Should Know

Certain symptoms during pregnancy are expected, but when others show up, they set off alarm bells. How can you tell the difference between the two? Here are 11 common complications, women experience during pregnancy that you should know about: 1. Bleeding   In your first trimester, bleeding heavily means ectopic pregnancy, particularly if it is coupled with chronic stomach pain and cramps like menstrual cramps. Ectopic pregnancy is typified by


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Top 15 Beauty Bloggers in World

Bloggers have certainly been around for some time now. However, the emergence of specialized bloggers has completely changed the blogging environment. Unlike general bloggers who write about almost everything of interest, specialized bloggers only focus on one area or subject. One area that has attracted the interest of specialized bloggers is the beauty. There are thousands of beauty bloggers from different parts of the world. Not only do they offer


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Planning for Beach Vacation – 10 Tips for Pregnant Women

Going on a vacation is always something good when pregnant. It helps to relieve some of the pregnancy complications. There are different vacations that you may consider and one of the best is a beach vacation. The calmness, freshness and beautiful scenery associated with beaches are good not only for your mind and body but to the growing fetus as well. However, going on a beach vacation when pregnant requires



How to Make Natural Home First Aid Kit?

First Aid generally refers to the immediate assistance offered to a person with sudden illness or injury. It has three main aims; preserve life, prevent the worsening of the illness or injury and to enhance recovery. Being knowledgeable about to give First Aid can be very beneficial to you and your family members. It also turns out that First Aid is not limited to human beings. You can give First


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7 Common Signs of Preeclampsia Treatment & Treatment Options

Pregnancy is one vital stage in any woman’s life that brings unprecedented changes and prepares her for a new life ahead.  However, it is not exactly smooth ride and many women undergo specific conditions and health complications after onset of pregnancy. Some of these complications may have genetic roots while others may be caused by lifestyle, hygiene and other factors. A serious pregnancy related complication some women face is Preeclampsia.


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9 Premarital Medical Screening Tests You Should be Aware Of

Medical screening is a strategy used in medicine to detect the presence of disease or health condition in an individual. Medical screening is important because it brings to the fore undiagnosed diseases and health conditions for easy management and treatment. Premarital medical screening is equally important as premarital counseling. Indeed, there are several benefits you gain when you go for such screening. The main benefit is the detection of undiagnosed



15 Weird Marriage Customs from Around the World

Marriage is universal and it is celebrated worldwide. However, the customs associated with marriage differ from each other as day and night. While some customs are understandable, others border on craziness. Indeed, some of the marriage customs from around the world are simply weird. Knowing about some of these customs is good especially if you are unmarried and dating a partner from a different culture. Here are 15 weird marriage