10 Celebrities Who’s Plastic Surgery Have Gone Wrong

Performed by highly trained cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgery has enabled many people around the world to transform their bodies into what appeals to them. Although surgery treatment had many adverse side effects in the past, technological developments witnessed in the medical field during the past decade have eliminated most of the adverse side effects. Not only are modern surgery equipments and procedures effective, they are also cost effective, compared to previous plastic treatment procedures. Although safe with minimal side effects, mistakes and errors do occur during plastic surgery treatment. Below are some of the female celebrities whose plastic surgery treatments have gone wrong:

  • Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth – Although many female celebrities go for plastic surgery secretly, Omarosa made her breast augmentation public. Omarosa was not at ease with her A cup breast size and decided to go for breast augmentation. What she got were breasts looking like water balloons on her chest. Looking at her previous photos, you have the impression that her breasts were relocated downwards.

  • Donatella Versace – Donatella has had countless plastic surgery treatments. In an effort to fight aging by keeping off aging effects, Donatella went for several facelift surgeries. Her facial skin now looks too tight for her face. Her facial skin is too stretched. Surgery on her lips completely damaged her lips. It seems as if she had implants inserted in her lips; her lips are permanently swollen and not matching her face. Apart from her face and lips, Donatella had other surgery treatments performed on her body and as she once pointed out, plastic surgery procedures are like potato chips to Donatella.

  • Cheryl Tiegs – Now aged over 60, this former actress seems to have had an overdose of plastic surgery treatments. Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and facelift have left Cheryl looking very different, very unnatural. She is completely plasterized.
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  • Melanie Griffith – You could simply describe Melanie as gorgeous before she went for plastic surgery. She is now a complete mess of herself. She now features fuller cheeks that however look strange. It seems she had cheek implants. Her tight facial skin complicates her look, a result of facelift gone wrong. Her rhinoplasty surgery further messed her face. The present Melanie is completely different from the previous Melanie.

  • Lil Kim – Many now describe Lil as a plastic surgery train wreck. From a good looking (or beautiful) Lil, she spoiled her face with oversized cheek implants. Her brow lift surgery simply damaged her looks; she always has surprised eyes. Looking at her laugh makes you wonder what happened to the beautiful attractive face.

  • Barbi Twins – You can describe these twins simply as plastic twins. From their butts, cheeks and lips, they have not just had it all but you may be forgiven for not recognizing them. What with eyes that appear wide, with strange faces. Their faces appear inflated and likely to burst.

  • Heidi Fleiss – You can describe her simply as a horror human being. Her lips look injured. The cheek implants are simply horrible. Her eyebrows seem to have been raised too much with brow lift surgery.

  • Brittany Murphy – Very pretty before her plastic surgery, Britanny spoiled it all with surgery on her lips. Her lips now make her look like a duck!

  • Paris Hilton – Looking at Paris makes you wonder how she manages to breathe. Her rhinoplasty treatment simply spoiled her, something she regrets, in her own words.

  • Christina Aguilera – Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty completely ruined Christina’s beauty. She simply looks fake.
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Are you considering going for plastic surgery? Do not let these examples deter you from the same. Just note that anything can happen during the treatment. Your surgeon should be able to inform you on the possibility of such.

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    Facelift makes you look 10-15 years younger than your actual age and you can notice best results within 30 days after the surgery. It makes your face more beautiful by removing sagging skin, tightening facial muscles, and improving your facial contour, it can also cause nerve damage, visible scarring, swelling, bruising, and pain.

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    I agree with you on everyone but Omarosa. I think her breasts look great, and much more natural than many other augmented breasts out there.

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      The first time I laid eyes on her, I said, “Those are so fake.” Celebs are never satisfied going up one or two cup sizes and looking natural. They go straight for the D or DD and ruin everything. They look like cows.

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