10 Celebrity Marriages That Did Not End Well

Marriages all over the world, regardless of religion and culture, are celebrated in various ways. Marriages are happy moments and it is a couples’ expectation that their marriage will work out well and bring up happy children. This is however not usually the case. While the initial few weeks and months are usually times of happiness, the proceeding months and years come with various marriage problems, including those of own making. From money problems to unfaithfulness, marriage partners find the going tough, not believing what their partners do, with some partners opting for divorce. Nowhere is this brought out perfectly than in celebrity marriages. Some celebrity married couples have not been able to resist the temptations and challenges that celebrities that celebrity life is and their marriages have ended or have ended in diverse ways. Some of these celebrities are:

  • Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa – Popularly known as J. Lo, Jennifer married Noa in 1997, a marriage that lasted less than a year. She later married Cristan Judd in 2001, a marriage that ended in 2003. One thing that most women (and men) have come to learn from J. Jo’s celebrity divorces is infidelity but rather rushing into marriages.

Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa 


Jennifer Lopez and Cristan Judd

  • Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton – With the belief that to have a love affair is to get married, Taylor married eight times to seven different husbands. Starting with Conrad Hilton in 1950, the marriage celebrate lasted for only nine months due to Hilton’s irresponsible behavior. She went on to marry Michael Wilding in 1952, a marriage that ended in 1957, probably due to the couple’s 20 years age difference. Taylor later went on to marry Michael Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton (twice), John Warner and finally to Larry Fortensky, a marriage that ended in 1996. She died in March 2011.
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Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton

  • Pamela Anderson – A re-knowned actress, Anderson’s personal life has been covered in detail by the press. She married Tommy Lee in 1995 after knowing him for 96 hours! Even after divorcing and reconciling twice before finally calling it quits, Anderson continued to be intimate with Lee. She went on to marry model Marcus Schenkenberg and later to Kid Rock, who she abandoned in 2006.



Pamela Anderson and Marcus Schenkenberg


Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

  • Drew Barrymore – Being engaged at 16 years is simply ridiculous, but that is what Barrymore did; engaging Leland Hayward in 1991 before calling off the engagement. She went on to live with musician and actor Jamie Walters up to 1993. She married Jeremy Thomas in 1994 only to divorce and marry Tom Green in 2001. They however divorced in 2002. The reason for all these divorces? Drew is a bisexual.

Drew Barrymore and Jeremy Thomas


Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

  • Nicolas Cage – After marrying actress Patricia Arquette in 1995 who he divorced in 2001, Cage married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley in 2002, only to be divorce in 2004. He went on to marry Alice Kim, with whom they still live together.

Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette


Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley


Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim(Presently Together)

  • Martin Scorsese – Martin Scorsese has been married five times, first to Laraine Marie Brennan then to Julia Cameron in 1976. They married only for a year and divorced, proceeding to marry actress Isabella Rossellini in 1979, a marriage that ended in divorce in 1983. Martin later married Barbara De Fina in 1985, for the marriage to end in 199. He is now married to Helen Morris who he married in 1999.

Martin Scorsese and Helen Morris(Presently Together)

  • Lana Turner – Lana Turner’s reputation was dating many men, changing partners as many times as she possibly could. She married eight times to seven different husbands. She married musician Artie Shaw in 1940 for only four months at 19, before marrying actor Joseph Stephen Crane (twice in 1942-1943 and 1943-1944). She went on to marry Millionaire Henry Topping in 1948, for the marriage to end in 1952. She went on to marry Lex Barker in 1953, Frederick May in 1960, Robert Eaton in 1965 and later Ronald Peller in 1969, only to divorce in 1972.
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Lana Turner and Rex Barker

  • Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren – One of the most successful golfers, Tiger Woods married Elin in 2004 to be one of the most adored celebrity couples. This did not last long however. Because of Wood’s infidelity and escapades with many women, Elin filed for divorce and the couple divorced in 2010.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

  • Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander – This was one of the childhood friend celebrity marriages in 2004, a celebrity couples marriage that lasted for only 55 hours before Alexander termed it a mistake, with the marriage ending 55 hours later.

Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander

  • John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline – Married to US president, Jacqueline had little to do when it emerged that her husband was having an affair with Marilyn Monroe. Because it was unthinkable to divorce the president, Jacqueline had to suffer in silence.

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline

While most celebrity marriages have ended in divorce, others have been tragic; a case in point is that of Princes Diana. The end of marriage be it that of celebrity married couples or that of ordinary couple is a painful experience. One big lesson; all married couples need support.

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