10 Female Celebrities with Highest Number of Affairs

From a survey conducted in 2001, amongst working people, it emerged that both men and women are not only susceptible to infidelity affairs but are actually involved at varied degrees. In the survey, 15% of men were found to have secret affairs with women following closely behind at 10%. Interestingly, women were found to be the most forgiving when it comes to infidelity issues. This is contrary to men who emerged as the most unforgiving, ready to file for divorce on discovering that their wives are cheating on them. The same study was extended to college students, which surprisingly, turned the same results.

For reasons why both cheat on their spouses, the result was the same: love, affection and attention. Could be the three fundamental relationship issues that have driven many female celebrities to indulge in varied affairs despite the fact that some of them are married? Perhaps they are. The celebrity field is very tempting in terms of affairs and below are just some of the female celebrities who seem to have been bitten by cheating bug and have gone a head to have many affairs, with some cases ending in bitter divorce.

  • Whoopi Goldberg – Whoopi publicly admitted that she cheated at least six times when she was married. On being interviewed to elaborate further, she replied ‘Yes, I screwed around. Yes, while I was married. I did it five or six times, I did those mistakes’. Is screwing around five to six times while married and with different men for that matter something you can say casually? In the celebrity world, perhaps.

  • Elizabeth Taylor – Elizabeth perhaps hold the ‘trophy’ of having the highest number of affairs. What do you make of eight marriages! Liz married Eddie Fisher after a long affair. After only five years, she divorced Eddie to marry Richard Burton just a week after divorcing Eddie. What is more, she went on to have affairs and marry four other men, remarrying one of the men in the process. Wow.
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  • Tori Spelling – Married to Charlie Shanian, Tori started an affair with Dean McDermott who was also married. The affairs ended their previous marriages and they finally married. Asked what she felt about the whole thing, Tori was direct; she did not regret what happened and she would do it over again, putting it that life is short. Did Dermott hear that she would do it again?

  • Gabrielle Union – Although only appearing randomly in movies, Gabrielle was notorious for having affairs with married men. LL Cool J, Boris Kodjoe and Dwayne Wade were just some of her ‘victims’.

  • Anne Heche – Famous for having affairs with her co-stars, Anne had Richard Burgi, David Forsyth and musician Lindsey Buckingham. She somehow ditched men and opted to have a lesbian affair with Ellen DeGeneres. She ditched her for camera operator Coleman Laffoon who according to her was a lazy ass. She moved on to have an affair with and marry co-star James Tupper.

  • Jessica Simpson – Married to Nick Lachey, Jessica went on to have affairs with Adam Levine, Tony Romo and singer John Mayer who described Jessica in a very interesting way ‘That girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren’t good for you if you do lots of them’.

  • Leann Rimes – Seven years married to Dean Sheremet, LeAnn started an affair with actor Eddie Cibrian who was also married. Their marriages eventually ended, leaving them free to marry, which they did. Soon after however, infidelity or rumors of infidelity continued, resulting in court proceedings.

  • Meg Ryan – Meg’s big bright smile is very misleading. Married to Dennis Quaid, she had an affair with Russell Crowe, with the marriage lasting only a few months.
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  • Kelly Brook – From modeling to acting, Kelly started by having an affair with actor Jason Statham. She secretly had an affair with actor Billy Zane who she later lived with just to end the affair later for ‘green pastures’.

  • Jennifer Lopez – While married to Cris Judd, Jennifer had an affair with Ben Affleck as a back up just in case her marriage did not work out. With the affair strong, she ditched her husband to engage Affleck, an engagement that did not work out either; they separated to look for better partners.

Although celebrity life is very challenging, it is very encouraging to note that some celebrities have maintained their marriages and relationships despite the odds against them.

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    This writing is so poor, it’s painful to read. The only good sentence is “Did Dermott hear that she [Tori Spelling] would do it again?” Good point. For that matter, nobody should be so narcissisitic as to assume that a cheater would not cheat on them.

    Why refer to Gabrielle’s lovers as “victims”? We can assume they knew what and who they were doing. Looking at her, I’m doubtful they felt victimized.

    Why state that Meg Ryan’s smile is misleading? Monogamous marriage isn’t the be-all and end-all to happiness.

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    Jessica Simpson was divorced when she started seeing Tony Romo and John Mayer. Nick had already moved on to his now wife, Vanessa.

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