10 Female Celebrities with Highest Number of Marriages

It is a fact that love conquers all. Can you say the same with marriage? ‘Till death do us part’ seems to be a major problem with some female celebrities who have had countless marriages. They have literally fallen to the myriad temptations that come along with celebrity status. It seems as if these female celebrities have completely transformed ‘till death do us part’ into ‘death shall not do us part’. Some of the female celebrities with the highest number of marriages include:

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor – Nine marriages, 7 divorces and 1 marriage annulment. That is Zsa Zsa’s marriage record. Zsa Zsa first married Burhan Asaf Belge in 1937, a marriage that ended in divorce in 1941. She did not wait for long to enter into another marriage, this time to Conrad Hilton in 1942, only to divorce in 1947. After a ‘break’ of two years, she married George Sanders in 1949. It seemed she did not have what she wanted and so she divorced in 1954 only to marry Herbert Hutner in 1962, a marriage that ended in 1966 through another divorce. Zsa Zsa was not done with marriage yet, she went on to marry Joshua Cosden exactly five days after divorcing Hutner. She divorced Cosden in 1967 to marry Jack Ryan in 1975, a marriage that ended in 1976 through divorce. Only three days after divorcing Ryan, she married Michael O’Hara only to divorce in 1983. 1983 saw her marry Felipe de Alba for only a day because their marriage was annulled. She finally settled for Frederic Prinz von Anhalt in 1986. It looks as if she finally got what she wanted or is she tired of divorce? One thing though, she had many love affairs even with these many marriages, including with Nicky (her stepson) and Conrad Hilton’s son who came to marry Elizabeth Taylor.


  • Elizabeth Taylor – eight marriages (Two to one person). That is Liz’s marriage record. Liz started by marrying Nicky Hilton in 1950 but only for a year as the marriage ended in 1951. She later married Michael Wilding in 1952, a marriage that ended in 1957 through divorce. Michael Todd came her way in 1957, but only for a year, they divorced in 1958. She married Richard Burton in 1964 and they stayed for a record 10 years before they divorced in 1974. After a brief moment (sixteen months), they re-married in 1975 only to re-divorce in 1976. She married John Warner in the same year to divorce in 1982. To cup her marriages, Liz married Larry Fortensky in 1991, with the marriage ending in 1996. Apart from her marriages, Liz had countless affairs while married.
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  • Lana Turner – Eight marriages to seven different men. That is Lana’s marriage record. She married musician Artie Shaw in 1940 aged only 19 years. They parted ways soon after and Lana married Joseph Stephen Crane briefly in 1942 to 1943. They re-married again in 1943 only to divorce in 1944. She went on to marry Henry Topping Jr. in 1948 and divorced in 1952. Not long after, she married Lex Barker in 1953, only to divorce in 1957 to marry Frederick May in 1960 for only two years as their marriage ended in 1962. Robert Eaton came along in 1965, a marriage that ended in 1969. In the same year, she met and married Ronald Pellar, with whom they divorced in 1972. Contrary top her wish of having one husband and seven children; she ended up having the opposite.


  • Joan Collins – Five marriages. That is Joan’s marriage record. Joan married Maxwell Reed in 1952 and divorced in 1956. After some time, she married Anthony Newley in 1963, to divorce in 1970. She married Ron Kass in 1972 and divorced in 1983. She later married Swedish musician Peter Holm in 1985 to divorce in 1987. She was not yet done, marrying Percy Gibson (32 years younger) in 2002.


  • Geena Davis – Four marriages. That is Geena’s marriage record. Geena married Richard Emmolo in 1982, only to divorce in 1983 to marry Jeff Goldblum in 1987, a marriage that ended in 1990. She later married Renny Harlin in 1993, for the marriage to end in 1998. She went on to marry Iranian Reza Jarrahy.


  • Martha Raye – Seven marriages. That is Martha’s marriage record. She married Hamilton Westmore in May 1937 only to divorce in September the same year. She married David Rose in 1938 to divorce in 1941. She moved on and married Neal Lang in 1941 to divorce in 1944 only to marry Nick Condos in the same year, a marriage that ended in 1953 through divorce. Edward Begley came along in 1954, with their marriage ending in 1956. She later married Robert O’Shea in 1956 to divorce once again in 1960. She died in 1994 after marrying Mark Harris.
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  • Gloria Swanson – Six marriages. That was Gloria’s marriage record. Gloria married Wallace Beery in 1885, a marriage that ended in 1889. She later married Herbert Somborn who she divorced to marry Henri de la Coudraye in 1925, with their marriage ending in 1930. She went on to marry Michael Farmer in 1931 after several affairs. Their marriage ended in 1934 through divorce. She married William Davey in 1945 only for their marriage to end in 1946. She finally married William Duffy in 1976, a marriage she kept until her death. Apart from her marriages, Gloria had multiple affairs.


  • Ivana Trump – Four marriages. That is Ivana’s marriage record so far. She is now living single.


  • Liza Minnelli – Liza’s marriages total four in number. She married Peter Allen in 1967 only to divorce in 1974. She later married other men, ending with David Gest. She is currently ‘lonely’.


  • Linda Wolfe – She is certainly a celebrity. Getting married at only 16 years in 1957, Linda has gone a head to marry a record 23 men. Now aged 68 years, Linda may just hit man number 24! She currently tops the Guinness Book of World Records for being wed more times than anyone alive. According to her own words, she is addicted to the romance of getting married. Could this be what is troubling female celebrities?

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