10 Most Popular Celebrity Couples of 2011

They stand out as the perfect couple. Their body language speaks for them. You may think they were created for each other (may be it is true). Looking at them walking or attending functions clearly makes you notice the love between, love that seems to protect their relationship. Listening to what they say about each other in public makes you have a feeling that how they look and behave in public is how they do it even in their private lives. They are some of the popular couples who have left members of the public with a ‘sweet taste in the mouth’. You are left with nothing to do but simply admire them, and who would not? Their actions and behavior in public have inspired many around the world to a point that every marrying couple look at them as role models.

Below are some of the popular couples of 2011. The list is not in any order but a random selection. May be you can pick one couple and look at how they carry themselves; you may be inspired to make your relationship better:

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton – The youngest so far, the beaming of this couple’s marriage ceremony worldwide kept most young lovers on their screens. Looking at them in public makes you have a feeling that although come from different backgrounds, they understand each other very well. Although they speak very little, it is certain that they are going to put up real shows in the coming years. One thing is however obvious; they are going to change the way some things are done within the royal family. They are perhaps too modern for the royal family routines.
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  • David Beckham and Victoria Beckham – Move from the royal family and enter the sports world where you find this amazing couple. The chemistry between the two is not designed for the public; it extends to their private life. Looking at them during Prince William/Kate marriage ceremony left no doubt in your mind that they both love each other and nothing can come between them.


  • Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi – This is the other popular sports couple that has inspired many upcoming sports personalities. The perfect mixture of great looks and talent seems to bind these two together. Talk of love culminating into a perfect marriage.


  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – One big lesson from this couple; disagreements should not necessarily end in divorce. What do you make of Brad’s practical nature and Angelina’s instinctive actions? This couple has shown the value and benefit of respecting each other’s temper, what seems to bind them together.


  • Keira Knightley and Robert Flender – This couple is not only popular after their performance in The Pirates of the Caribbean. This couple is not only popular but also romantic.


  • Michelle Obama and Barrack Obama – What else can you say exists between the President and the First lady except love? Listen to this by the President ‘ sometimes, when we are lying together, I look at her and I feel dizzy with the realization that here is another distinct person from me, who has memories, origins, thoughts and feelings that are different from my own ……..’. That alone brings out the bound between the two, the realization that the other is a different personality and the need for understanding.
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  • Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton – Talk of being created for each other and you find it in this couple. You simply admire them.


  • Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton – How well and what could be the driving force that enables a couple to ‘fall’ then come out of any challenge stronger than before? The compatibility of these two is simply amazing.


  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher – Age is nothing but a number, so the saying goes. Where else can you find the proof if not in this couple who seem to find happiness teaming up in anything that they do? They seem to understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths and assist each other where necessary.


  • Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson – After rumors of being involved in a relationship and after being caught red handed kissing, this couple could not resists the urge to go public with their relationship and marriage. They are simply outstanding.


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