10 Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

While you may not readily admit it, you definitely like romantic movies with love stories. You certainly like and enjoy watching a guy sweeping a girl off her feet despite all odds and appreciate the maneuvers, tricks and courage a guy employs to beat all odds to achieve his goal. To make romantic movies more appealing to you, romantic movies end in various ways. While some end happily, others end up in tragic ways. That is not all, ever watched forbidden love movies? These are just some of the ingredients that are bound to melt you down once you watch any romantic filme. What is more, the wide variety of romantic filmes offers you real love entertainment. You have Hollywood romantic movies, Asian romantic movies, Bollywood romantic movies and the upcoming African romantic movies shot in natural and traditional village settings. Talk of romance embedded in culture.

Some of the romantic movies of all time and that you need to watch include:

1. Friendship With Benefit – What do you do when you are always busy with only a professional colleague as your friend? Find out what happens when you do not have the opportunity to meet other people and can only find friendship benefits from your colleague.

2. Love, Wedding, Marriage – What happens when a marriage counselor marries a long-time fiancé? What kind of love, wedding and marriage can it possibly be?

3. Casablanca – Released in 1942, Casablanca is a bout a man torn between his love for a charming woman he is intent on helping together with her own husband and his fighting his own battle against the Nazis. What follows is simply amazing.

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4. Roman Holiday – Released in 1953, Roman Holiday is about a crown princess on official visit to Europe. Overwhelmed by what she has to accomplish, she finds it hard to sleep, prompting her doctor to give her sedatives. She however moves out to discover Rome on her own, only for the sedative to take effect. Sleeping on a bench, she is found by a journalist who offers help, taking her to his apartment. What follows and which involves the journalist’s editor leaves you wishing for more.

5. An Affair To Remember – Some affairs are indeed memorable. Released in 1957, An Affair To Remember is perhaps the most romantic movie of all time. A meeting of two lovebirds on a cruise ship blossoms into what you can only imagine. Be it love or romance, this is your best romantic filme.

6. City Lights – Classified as a drama filme, City Lights was released in 1931. What makes this filme outstanding is its ending; you are literally moved. No filme can rival this.

7. Annie Hall – Love and relationships are very fulfilling. However, they can also be painful and complex. This is what this 1977 filme is all about. A man and a woman meeting and striking a love relationship that later goes sour. Separation and moving to another city is the best the woman can do. They however meet later as friends but with strong love between them. The final re-union is not free of captivating scenes.

8. The African Queen – Released in 1951, The African Queen is about a man and a woman whose husband dies. Since both men knew each other, the remaining one cannot leave the woman to suffer. They opt to travel away from German solders who are literally everywhere. Going down a river by boat, they encounter several problems, including dangerous waterfalls and German bullets. Finding themselves free and without any danger, they celebrate, only to find themselves in a tight embrace. The embarrassment turns into a love relationship you can imagine.

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9. Beauty and the Beast – Released in 1991, Beauty and the Beast is about a prince who is transformed into a beast and a young woman captive within the prince’s castle. The beast can only be transformed back into prince if it loves and be loved back by the woman!

10. Titanic – Released in 1977, Titanic romantic filme is Cameron’s way of keeping alive the RMS Titanic disaster but with a very inspiring and captivating love story.

These are just some of the most romantic movies of all time. Many others abound and you can take your time to sample some of them. Why? You may ask. Well, there is just a lot to learn from romantic movies!

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