The Most Stylish Female Celebs

Regardless of their individual field of expertise, female celebrities have played and continue to play very important roles worldwide. In particular, global female celebrities have not only made a name (and money) for themselves but also touched the lives of many by initiating or sponsoring various community projects in different parts of the world. Such projects include health facilities, water projects, schools and other amenities. Female celebrities have taken part in improving the lives of those faced with natural calamities including earthquakes, contributing or coordinating the activities of various donor agencies. Commercially, product manufacturers have used celebrities to endorse their products in an endeavor to realize increased sales.

Apart from touching the lives of many through help and assistance, various female celebrities have left a big impact in people’s mind. In particular, those keen on fashion have always taken after celebrity clothings and created new celebrity style. Such styles go on to be replicated across the world, with many women wearing celeb style clothing. The replication is not limited to celebrity dress; new celebrities hair styles have pioneered new hairstyles across the world. Unlike before when women were used to wearing long hair, most women to wear short hair styles, a factor that is attributed to female celebrities who wore or still wear the same.

Some of the best female celebrities who have made an impact in fashion and style industry include:

  • Beyonce Knowles – Knowles’ dressing is a combination of her artistic musical elements with her own personality, a fact that she stresses by saying that she likes to dress sexy while carrying herself as a lady. Even when performing, Knowles wears fashion clothing, a statement that has gone down well with her fans and admirers alike. It is no wonder then that the People magazine recognized her as the best-dressed celebrity in 2007. Her style has come to be known as Bootylicious (Beauty and Lifestyle) Fashion.
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  • Oprah Winfrey – Perhaps the only female celebrity who has been around for many years, Winfrey has inspired many through her celebrity dress. She is one female celebrity who is said to be in the same celebrity dress whether hosting a talk show, travelling or relaxing at home. Due to her busy schedules, Winfrey has always maintained a stylish but comfortable fashion celebrity dressing. When it comes to color, no celebrity dress will beat Winfrey’s bold color and particular, orange. As part of her dressing, you are most likely to see her wearing silk scarves with a Birkin bag. Winfrey’s style statement can only be described as classic.

  • Cheryl Cole – Reputed as the golden girl in the UK now, Cole is viewed as both fashion and style and indeed she is a fashion icon. Wearing L’Oreal’s Elvive hairstyle, Cole has managed to maintain the same look and appearance. Most of her fans agree that her fashion statement is simple but stylish; skinny jeans, leggings and vest tops, with accompanying accessories.

These are just some of the best female celebrities who have made powerful fashion statements through their celebrity dress and celebrity hair styles. Many over the world have taken after them and pushed fashion and style to a higher level.

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