Top 10 American Beauties

Many think of American women (both black and whites) as the most romantic women in the world, with a reason. When it comes to matters of the heart and unlike Asian women, American women do not discriminate. They date and marry men from different parts of the world. Unlike British women, American women are very open with their love, talking about it and expressing it openly. American women hold deer their personal freedom and will do everything in their power to protect the same. Perhaps this is their driving force, which is actually in their constitution. They have a very strong belief in their fundamental right to be and remain happy. This has driven them to pursue both education and material things at a rate that no other women in the world have managed to do.

American women do not care with the relationship niceties that British or other women are known to remain faithful to. There is no defined line of engaging an American woman, love is a matter of the heart and it is acceptable for a man to show interest openly. It is not such a big deal. American women expect men to declare their interest fast enough because of one fundamental factor, time. American women want time to chase after them and not the other way round. They always want to be a head of time in all that they do. It is no wonder that they are aggressive, though with some politeness. One thing sets American women apart from their colleagues from other parts of the world, their view on sex. They associate sex more with recreation and fun. Whether this is true or not is debatable and some stunning beauties have emerged from America, including:

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1. Vilayna Lasalle – From Texas, Vilayna has what you may call the perfect face. Her beauty has made her one of the accomplished swimsuit models not only in America but also in the world.


2. Uma Thurman – Now aged 41 and hailing from Boston, Uma is an accomplished actress and has featured in several productions including ‘Beautiful Girls’, ‘Pulp Fiction’.  Uma features beautiful eyes that seem to divert attention from the rest of her face.


3. Maria Shriver – Now aged 56, this famous California woman still exhibits the American beauty she had in her youth. Now into Television, her amazing and beautiful jaw line still stands out.


4. Kim Kardashian – Now aged 31, Kim is one of the stunning beauties in America. Hailing from Los Angeles, Kim’s has become famous for her Internet sex videos.


5. Cameron Diaz – Hailing from California and now aged 38, Cameron is not only an American beauty but an accomplished actress as well. You simply do not want to stop watching her in ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’.


6. Halle Berry – Aged 44 and from Ohio, Halle Berry’s beauty and acting has attracted many to watch films in which she performs.


7. Julia Roberts – Now at 43 years and from Georgia, Julia still exhibits the real beauty that she wore in her youthful years. Her Movies ‘Runaway Bride’, ‘Pretty Woman’ are still the favourites.


8. Angelina Jolie – Now aged 36 and hailing from Los Angeles, she is reputed to be America’s most beautiful woman. Angelina is naturally beautiful. Her looks are somehow strange, making her more beautiful.

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9. Anne Hathaway – From Brooklyn and now at 28, Anne is an American actress who has featured in several films including ‘The Princess Diaries’, ‘Rachel Getting Married’. Her sweet and childish face stands out. Do not forget her beautiful penetrating eyes and beautiful lips.


10. Megan Fox – Hailing from Tennessee and now aged 25, Megan is an attractive American actress, featuring in some of Americas famous films including ‘Transformers’. She has natural youthful beauty.

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