Top 10 Beauties of East Asian Origin

Call them ‘Rice Queens’ or ‘Yellow Fever’, Asian women in general are simply beautiful. On the dating scene, East Asian women are known to have a high preference for white men, racially discriminating against black and Hispanic men. This discrimination can clearly be seen in the number of East Asian women married to white men. However, this trend seems to be changing fast and there are a number of East Asian women now getting married to black and Hispanic men. For blacks, this can be attributed to the fact that many black men (particularly from the African continent) are now pursuing their studies in East Asian countries including China, South Korea, Japan and Russia amongst others.

Several beauties have emerged from East Asia, taking the world by storm. Their performance especially in the film industry cannot be underestimated. Apart from their acting skills, their knowledge of martial arts cannot be rivaled. Some of the top beauties from East Asian countries include:

1. Lucy Liu – Beautiful and charming, Lucy Liu is an American actress but of Chinese descent. Her beauty extends to her voice and it is no wonder that her voice has been used in various productions including Disney Fairies franchise in which her voice is used for Silvermist. Many were able to recognize her beauty when she became famous for her acting in Ally McBeal, acting as Ling Woo.


2. Gong Li – Born in China, Gong Li came to Hollywood after establishing herself as an accomplished actress. She instantly became famous for her beauty and act in ‘Raise the Red Lantern’. She has gone ahead to win many awards (not for her beauty) for her performance.

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3. Nozomi Sasaki – Born in Japan and at only 22 years, Sasaki was named by Movie News website TC Candler as the 33rd most beautiful face in the world.


4. Masami Nagasawa – Now aged 24, Masami Nagasawa won a beauty contest aged only 12 before participating in the 5th Toho ‘Cinderella Contest’ in 2000, winning the contest by defeating over 35,000 entrants. Rather use her beauty to enter the big stage in film, she opted to pursue modeling, where she instantly became famous. She has however gone ahead to feature in various Japanese films, winning various awards along the way.


5. Keiko Kitagawa – Kitagawa’s beauty lies in her innocence appearance. An established model, actress and highly educated, she did not plan to enter the entertainment industry and only did so after being identified by a talent agency.


6. Michelle Yeoh – Now aged 49 years, Michelle hails from Malaysia but is of Chinese descent. Apart from her beauty, Michelle is a perfect actress and accomplished dancer. It is no wonder that she was voted as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 2007 by the People Magazine.


7. Kaho Minami – Kaho is a beautiful Korean actress who has operated from Japan for a number of years. She has featured in several local films and commercials, winning several awards.


8. Joan Chen – Born in China, Joan perfected her actress skills in Hollywood. She became famous for her performance role in ‘The last Emperor’ and ‘Twin Peaks’. Joan has won major awards not only as an actress but as a film director as well.

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9. Nanako Matsushima – Now aged 38 years, Nanako is not only a beauty but also an accomplished Japanese model and actress. She became famous for her performance role in the horror movie ‘Ring’.


10. Miyazawa Rie – Aged 38, Miyarawa was a darling of Japanese media in the 1980s. Her beauty made her very attractive to the media, where she became very popular. Her beauty saw her feature in product promotions aged only 12.

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    You are having a laugh! Try seeing Vietnamese actresses Song Hyw Kyo, Park Shin Hye, Kim Tae Hee, Han Hyo Joo or Japanese girls like Ayame Gouriki, Ami Tokito, Ai Shinozaki Aya Ueto and Yuka Kosaka and then claim to be able to make a list.

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