Top 10 Black Beauties

To some people, the world has unreasonably been unfair to African black women. This actually turns out to be true. Whenever anything has been written about black beauties, too much attention has been given to American black women, forgetting that American black women, although with African routes, are far different from African black women south of the Sahara. This has in effect alienated African women and only a few are known on the big world stage. African black women are some of the most caring and loving women in the world. To some people, African black women are ‘poor’ at loving; they give their all into a relationship, with serious consequences in case of breakups.

Despite the fact that little is known about them, some outstanding African black beauties have emerged and made the world change its perception of black women. It is no wonder that the number of African black women getting married to men of other races is on the rise. Some of the top African black beauties worth noting include:

1. Miriam Chemmoss – From Kenya in East Africa, Miriam is a mixture of real natural African beauty and talent. She is a perfect actress, model, singer and dancer. As she puts it, her aim is to be in Hollywood and looking by her moves, she is definitely headed there. She has been a member of Soukous Stars Band, one of the greatest musical groups in Africa and has actually released her own single, Rudi.


2. Genevieve Nnaji – From Nigeria on the Western part of Africa, Genevieve is not only beautiful but an accomplished actress. She is literally Nigeria’s face of Nollywood in which she has featured in many films. In addition, she is a singer and a spokes model, doing several commercials for product manufacturers.

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3. Alek Wek – Perhaps the best known on the world stage, Alek hails from Sudan. A fashion model, Alek literally changed the way most people perceived beauty. Alek’s confidence and strong belief in her natural African beauty has endured her to many, proving that African black beauties measure the same with those most people are used to.


4. Thandie Newton – Look at Thandie and know what African black beauty is all about. She carries natural beauty that is unrivalled. As an actress, she has rubbed shoulders with some famous persons including Oprah Winfrey, Kimberly Elise and Tom Cruise amongst others.


5. Angel Melaku – From Ethiopia, Angel brings to the world stage African Ethiopian beauty that you cannot find anywhere. She is proof that African black beauty is diverse. Like Miriam from Kenya, Angel is aiming to enter Hollywood.


6. Honorine Uwera – From the beautiful hills of Rwanda comes Honorine with her beautiful lips. Honorine is now in Canada as a model and has worked with several established fashion designers in the world.


7. Flaviana Matata – In her own words, she should never be judged by her lack of hair (she is bald) or through her dressing. God made her perfect and pure as natural black African woman. Indeed, Flavania from Tanzania in East Africa is a natural beauty now modeling in her country.


8. Rhian Benson – From Ghana, Rhian is not only an African black beauty but also an accomplished singer.


9. Tiguida – Popularly known by one name, this black queen from Mali is now modeling in France where she has done several photoshoots for several magazines.

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10. Iman – The fact that her country is in turmoil has never clouded Iman’s resolve to push her own course in modeling. Hailing from Somalia, Iman has played a major role in paving the way for other African black beauties to enter the world stage. She brought onto the world stage African Somali beauty that cannot be rivaled.

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