Top 10 Blonde Beauties

Women with blonde hair have long been looked at differently in many societies with many myths surrounding them. In contemporary culture however, women wearing blonde hair have always fascinated men. Men have traditionally found blonde women more attractive than other women with other type of hair. Commercial product manufactures have also found blonde women effective in their advertisements and have engaged the services of many women in creating their advertisements. The film industry has not been left out either. Some film producers have managed to have all their female casts being blonde women. There are many varieties of blonde hair including flaxen, yellow, platinum, sandy, golden, honey, dishwater, ash and bleached type of blonde hairs.

Particular blonde beauties have emerged and made an impact in their areas of specialization. Such include:

1. Taylor Swift – Taylor features natural flaxen hair locks that blend in well with her beauty.


2. January Jones – January features a complicated blonde hair that is a mixture of alabaster hue and gold, forming a blonde hair that is hard to find with most women. Her blonde hair perfectly enhances her beauty.


3. Malin Akerman – Malin features an icy Nordic blonde hair with a light shade. Her type of blonde hair creates that professional look that enhances a woman’s beauty, just as it does on Malin.


4. Reese Witherspoon – Reese’s blonde hair is not of the same color but a mixture with multitude of golden hues.


5. Michelle Williams – Michelle wears a natural blonde hair that is otherwise bleached all over. She prefers dressing her blonde hair with creamy ivory shade.


6. Beyonce Knowles – Beyonce’s shimmering blonde hair certainly matches her beauty. Her type of blonde hair is now common and popular.

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7. Gwyneth Paltrow – Although with a natural blonde hair, Gwyneth wears a blonde hair that is of three shades achieved by applying honey, at the hair roots, lemon at the mid section and yellow hair color. This combination rhymes well with her beauty.


8. Blake Lively – Blake’s tawny skin complexion that brings out her beauty is definitely enhanced by her bronzy blonde hair.


9. Gwen Stefani – Gwen wears a shocking white blonde hair that otherwise compliments her natural beauty.


10. Jessica Simpson – Jessica wears cascading hair locks with platinum complexion, perfectly infusing with her beauty.

Impressed with blonde hair? It is very encouraging that you too can wear blonde hair and present yourself in the same way that blonde beauties present themselves. To achieve perfect blonde hair, you need to work very closely with your hair stylist who should be able to design your hairstyle taking into account several factors including your age, your type of hair, your own preference, ease of management and the availability of hair treatments. It is only by considering such factors that you will be able to wear a blonde hair that will be easy to manage and tender. Note that your choice of blonde hair is not limited to a single color. You can choose from a wide selection of blonde hair in different hue.

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