Top 10 Female Celebrity Tattoos

If you have it, flaunt it! It seems that this is the motto of our female celebrities when it comes to their bodies decorated with tasteful tattoos. It’s hot, it’s rebellious and it’s so damn sexy when they show it off! Take a peek at the top 10 femmes with their glorious tats:

1.   Alyssa Milano – It might surprise you but her bewitching character seems to have taken over! She has a rosary tattooed on her ankle to give her edge as Phoebe from Charmed.
2.   Angelina Jolie – Her love for her children is more than skin deep. Instead of writing down their home countries, she wrote down their coordinates in her left shoulder. Um, that’s useful.
3.   Adriana Lima – Stomping down runways in sky-high heels means showing off her pretty footsies! The best way to gild hers is by showing off her pretty ankle tattoo.
4.   Christina Aguilera – She makes sure that everyone knows her name by inking Xtina on her neck. Don’t let your hair down, girl!
5.   Christina Ricci – Another Christina on our list chooses to be totally unconventional and unforgettable! An Aslan tattoo on her back reminds us that she’s still a normal little girl at heart in spite of playing Wednesday Addams in the Addams Family movies.
6.   Eva Longoria – She might look like she can do no wrong and she proves it with her sexy nine tattoo on her back.
7.   Heidi Klum – Supermodels love fashion so much it shows on their tats! With her stylish tattoo on her arm, she brings in more than her signature smile.
8.   Jessica Alba – Her whole body might distract you from the Sanskrit character on the inside of her wrist! But you have to admit, the meaning of “lotus flower” makes you think it fits!
9.    Joss Stone – It’s not just her vocals that are sexy; it’s also that pretty flower tat on her ear. It makes you appreciate her free spirit / boho vibe some more!
10.   Drew Barrymore – It’s small, it’s cute and it fits her freedom-loving personality perfectly. You have to admit that butterflies can look magnificent on women other than Mariah.

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