10 Fashion Mistakes you do not want to make

What is in fashion? What makes style? Well, it is true that you do not only want to look great and stylish in how you dress (with accessories too), you also want to present yourself in your own unique way. That is your fashion and style. Many women think that fashion and style is everybody’s interpretation, which is true. Your fashion and style is certainly not the same as another woman’s. Although you may keep to latest trendy dresses and accessories, you want the same to be comfortable and presentable. In your efforts to be fashionable and trendy however, you need to be careful to avoid making fashion mistakes that can ruin your outlook. Below are fashion mistakes that most women make and that you need to avoid at all costs:

  • Oversized clothing – Wearing oversized clothing is the most visible fashion mistake you can make. Note that there are right oversized clothing that you can wear without letting anyone know that your cloth is actually oversized, but there are those outright oversize clothing that make it look like the dressing is wearing you instead of you wearing the dress, if you get what i mean. You are not restricted to fitting clothing; wear the right oversize clothing that emphasizes your attractive physical features. One secret in wearing right oversize clothing lies in going for a long dress that reaches just below your knees. Ensure you wear a stylish matching belt for a fabulous outlook.
  • Mismatching colors – What do you make of a red top and a green skirt or trouser. This is simple color clash! This is the biggest fashion mistake you can make. It is not only on clothing, what of a green eyeshadow and red lipstick. Red and green are two fashion colors you need to avoid wearing at any given time, be it on clothing or on makeup. If you really need to wear colored clothing, wear a full colored dress or a top and trouser in appropriate matching colors.
  • Shoes – You can completely ruin your nice and fashionable outfit with shoes that do not match in color and style. With a full dress, consider wearing high-heeled shoes in an appropriate color. Low-heeled shoes will perfectly suit mixed clothing as with a top and a trouser. You also need to avoid wearing bulky shoes, especially with feminine dresses.
  • Miniskirts – It is a fact that miniskirts are still fashionable. On of the mistakes you can make with a miniskirt is to pair it with a short top. Pair your miniskirt with a long top that extends to your hip. If the top is large, consider wearing a suitable belt. Reserve short tops to wear with trousers (preferably jeans trousers, you will look great. You also need to consider what king of legs you have. If you are not blessed with great legs then forget about wearing miniskirts.
  • Jewelry – You can ruin your outlook by how much jewelry you wear. Avoid wearing earrings, a necklace and bangles at the same time; you will look like an ornament! To be fashionable, wear a necklace and earrings, which will be enough. You seriously need to pay close attention to the kind of earrings and necklace you wear in comparison with your dress. Note that not all jewelry suits any kind of dressing.
  • Patterned clothing can look great, if you only know how to wear them. It is a big fashion mistake to wear a patterned top with a plain skirt or vice-versa. You will simply be out of place. You will be in a world of your own. If you need to wear patterned clothing, let all your dress have the same pattern.
  • Skin tights – This is a very common fashion mistake that most women make. Note that skin tights stick to your skin and can ruin your outfit if you are not blessed with shapely legs and body. To stay within fashion, avoid them.
  • Panty lines – There is nothing worse as wearing a fashionable dress complete with appropriate accessories only to ruin your outfit with panty lines showing. If you need to wear a thin pant, ensure you wear a right oversize dress to cover panty lines.
  • Sneakers – Sneakers are not only fashionable but also comfortable. However, you can ruin your outlook with a wrong dress combination. Restrict wearing sneakers with Jean skirts or trousers. Any other dressing will not do.
  • Style – Your taste of style is certainly not another woman’s. You can however ruin your outfit with a mixture of styles. Although it is perfect to play around with different clothing colors, fabrics and designs, ensure that you restrict yourself to a particular style, do not over do it.
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Committing fashion mistakes do not only make you look unpresentable but can also lower your self-esteem. It is very important to avoid the little things that you are likely to ignore to stay fashionable.

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