10 Most Popular Nail Art Designs

Beautiful hands mean soft skin and well-groomed nails. If you’re intent on flashing your pretty digits then you can bet that those nails had better be stylish! Nail art has been an interesting phenomenon with thousands of cute designs to choose from so i have compiled a comprehensive list of the top ten most popular picks for your fingernails.

1.  Natural Nail Art Design – Spring makes flowers bloom in different places… even your fingers.
2.  Icy Nail Art Design – You can be an ice queen with amazing icicles hanging from your fingernails. Brrrr!
3.  Flower Nail Art Design – A guy may want to kiss your hand and then find a rose garden instead…
4.  Pink Gold Nail Glitter – Fun, sweet and just a bit sassy comes into mind. It’s perfect for a girl who wants to catch attention subtly!
5.  Lightning – If you want to make an electrifying statement then this design is for you!
6.  Summer Colors – Think of the beach, the sea and the beautiful aquamarine. It makes us think of mermaids and seas that are for sure!
7.   Flower Stamps – It actually reminds us of the movie Black Swan. Maybe it’s the feathers or the fact that the color palette is pretty reminiscent of a schizophrenic personality that revels in pinks then blacks?
8.   Jamaican Nail Art – It’s so colorful, so art deco! It might make artists in the street wonder about the vibrant hues adorning your digits!
9.   Purple Thing – That’s so adorable! It’s so interesting and classy because of the embellishments and classy purple color!
10.  Colorful Nails – It takes time and effort to get the perfect summer twist right. And this is what the season is all about: bright pops of color!

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