Top 10 Sexy Fragrances (Perfumes) for Women

Perfume is one of the little (legal) sorcery for women. It’s a tool of seduction, a signature scent. They’re so personal and so private. You can usually tell a woman’s personality when it comes to her choices of perfumes. Fruity femmes love a good time and some adventure. Floral ladies love romance and fun. Spicy scents from chicas show off their passionate sides. It’s as varied and chaotic as the wearers themselves. Even though perfumes can catch attention, what women should strive for is a whiff of what’s to come.

Following are the 10 top most popular sexy perfume fragrances:

1. Chanel No.5

Marilyn Monroe made it famous when she remarked that she was wearing it in bed. Nothing goes wrong for a woman who goes for this classic scent. It’s great for travel, for seduction and simply for everyday life.

2. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s affordable but it smells so expensive with its fresh and clean scent. It’s suitable for women of all ages and all personalities. It can be a daytime or nighttime fragrance because of its delightful mixture of perfume notes that includes lavender, orchid, bergamot and mandarin. Hints of apple martini, paper whites, musk and orchid are bound to tickle your noses because of its irresistibility.

3. Acqua Di Gio for Women

Armani might be known for its fashionable clothes but it’s getting known for its perfumes as well. It ranks highly because women simply adore its mix of  jasmine, sweet pea and white hyacinth combined with Muscat grape, wood scents and musk. So dreamy.

4. Attraction By Lancome

Lancome knew what it was doing when they gave its name. It’s perfect if you like mingling with strangers and getting showered with compliments because of its luxurious mixture of warm woody, floral and patchouli scent.

5. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

It’s been a consistent favorite since its release in 2001 because of its interesting perfume notes such as green apple, musk, amber and white rose. It’s light, heavenly and totally wakes you up. One whiff and other people will instantly smile at you. I smell a choice for flirting when it’s summer…

6. Pink Sugar by Aquolina

If you want to smell good enough to eat, this is for you. It’s a rather complicated blend of perfume notes including bergamot, musk, cotton candy, raspberry, vanilla, lily of the valley, strawberry and other delicious foods. You can bet that it’s a foodie scent but it deserves its name. You’ll smell like a fun, innocent and flirty femme fatale.

7. Euphoria by Calvin Klein

So you’re mysterious, sexy, sophisticated and stylish. You have to make other people realize that with your enchanting mix of mahogany, amber, black orchid and pomegranate scent. It’s best used at night since it might smell a bit too much in hot weather. Loved since 2005, it’s been alluring ladies into adding it to their dressing tables.

8. Flower Princess

Vera Wang is known for her wedding dresses but she’s known for her fragrances too! It’s got a sweet and fruity that will make you smell like a woman ready for romance. Its top notes includes a bewitching bouquet of tangerine, ivy and water lily before being embraced by middle and base notes of rose, orange flower, jasmine, amber and apricot skin.

9. Touch of Pink

This little beauty from Lacoste is wonderful if you’re always on the go for your next adventure. It will stand out with its tantalizing mixture of blood orange, coriander leaves, cardamom seeds, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood that is bound to make them take a second good whiff.

10.  212 Sexy Perfume

Carolina Herrera loves women so much that they created an aptly named perfume that will make a woman feel sensual, sexy, powerful and feminine. It has an appealing bouquet made up of gardenia, pepper, vanilla, and cotton candy, sandalwood, citrus, bergamot and musk. It’s certainly perfect as a perfume for all seasons.

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