12 Tips To Look Picture – Perfect

Well-groomed women share their secrets on how they look picture-perfect all the time!

1. Stand up straight: Posture makes a great difference in your photos. Shoulder back, now.
2. Wear clothes that fit and flatter your figure!
3. Keep your hair neat and manageable.
4. In bad hair days, wear a hat.
5. Don’t wear bold prints or large patterns.
6. Wear accessories like a pair of earrings or a necklace. It will definitely enhance your appearance.
7. Select a hairstyle that suits you. Talk to your hair salon stylist to find out what will flatter your face shape and show off your style.
8. Think happy thoughts so that you’ll always smile.
9. Rest your hands on your hips to appear relaxed.
10. Use cosmetics that flatter your skin tone and accentuate your features.
11. Position your opposite leg in front to add some length to your body.
12. Don’t use any makeup that’s full of shimmer, shiny or glowing finishes.

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