15 Must Things in Your Handbag

A handbag is a woman’s sanctuary. It might be a large Mary Poppins bag or a small fashionable clutch but it’s still her private world. Only the privileged, loved or trusted are invited inside.

You will be amazed at the things that women carry around all the time. After all, it’s good to be prepared for everything. The essentials vary from person to person but it’s necessary to trim down the unnecessary junk to make room for your essentials. What should you carry in your bag every day?
1. Mobile phone – In our fast-paced techno-savvy world, you need to stay connected. How will you know if your agent called you for your movie or if your publisher reprinted your book? It is very important to be available at all times.
2. Wallet and money – You’ll need enough coins for your cloakrooms and dire emergencies. Do you really want to walk around penniless?
3. Sunglasses – You may need them anywhere and at anytime, whether for sun protection or for style. 
4. Lipstick – Any girl knows that it’s absolutely necessary to swipe on her lips to be ready for anything from kissing to swapping 
numbers. Just don’t waste good Chanel on a rebuff.
5. Lipgloss – It will add shine and shimmer to your kisses. (It’s user-friendly, even without a mirror.)
6. Keys – There is two essentials: door keys and car keys. Concentrate on keeping them with you at all times. Know where to hide 
your spare and who to give one to.
7. Compact – If you left it at home, go back. There’s nothing worse than a shiny face and no escape route. (“I’ll just powder my 
nose” is a secret code for your alibi to get away from your creepy blind date.)
8. Business cards – This is a good way to give your details without being too forward or desperate.
9. Comb – A bad hair day can ruin everything.
10. Tissues – For crying, sneezing and for wiping the lipstick smear.
11. Aspirin – Stock up. You never know, when you will need one.
12. Mints – Fresh breath means more kissing. Why skimp?
13. Perfume– Sample and travel bottles are advised. You know that a hint of perfume can lift your mood.
14. Diary or Address Book and Pen – For all of your important dates and people. Morover, you may need to note down something important. And Inspiration can strike anywhere!
15. Hand Sanitizer – You may need it anywhere, like before eating something, touching your face, eyes, etc

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