4 Fashion Tips for Every Professional Woman You Shouldn’t Miss

If your office has a strict dress code, then it’s given that you have very little playfield to experiment with fashion. But if you work in a totally cool office with lots of relaxation on dress codes, then it’s important that you know all the correct rules to look like a diva in office. The following 4 tips will definitely show you how to do it-

1. Take your shoes very, very seriously

You can wear the sharpest and meanest tailored-made suit to office, but if you don’t have shoes to match with it, then all your effort will go down the drain. If you have just joined your office, then save up some amount of your first month’s salary and buy 2 pairs of shoes purely for the office purpose.

Do you hate wearing heels? No problem as kitten heels will look equally good on a pair of pedicured feet. These days major shoes brands have lovely options when it comes to flat shoes for office wear. So you won’t have any problem to find the ideal pair. And if you like heels, then the world is literally your oyster! Just say no to those crocs and uggs.

2. Delve into the world of satchels and totes

The next most important part would be the bag you will take along to work. Only if you are coming to your workplace riding a bike, then you can consider a backpack. Otherwise, there is a world out there full of totes, satchels, briefcases and even vanity bags. If you are barely out of college, then don’t think that flaunting a sling bag to your work-place will give you extra brownie points for cuteness. Instead of that, invest upon few classy bags that will last long.

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3. Give those leggings/tights a rest

Wearing tights with your sweater or leggings with a button-down will only accentuate your thighs, if they are not at their best shapes right now.  Also, they look atrocious if you put them on beneath your skirt in the office. A pair of leggings or tights is best for your gym hour or while you go for jogging in the morning, so save it for those occasions only. To complete your professional look, you must add few tailor-made trousers in your wardrobe pronto! If comfort is the main factor, then what about a pair of comfortable chino slacks?

4. Flashy make-up is a big no-no

Make-up is a very tricky area, especially for a working woman. It’s like- you are doomed if you overdo it and will look super drab if you decide to go sans-makeup! So, the intelligence lies in finding the right balance or the middle-spot. While a bare face may score you accolades for embracing your natural beauty; your workplace demands that you look presentable and professional at the same time, irrespective of your office and work environment (unless you don’t work in a lab or in a space station). So accentuate only one part of your face between these two- eyes or lips.

These simple and handy tips will make you look, not just presentable but also chic and smart every day at work! Try them and share them!

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