4 Must Have Handbags In Your Wardrobe

Known as purses in some regions of the world, handbags have been used by humankind since time immemorial. Just like traditional handbags, most modern handbags are still made of skin although skin types used vary greatly. Handbags have become important women dressing accessories that they use to hold personal effects as cosmetics, mobile phones, hairbrush, wallet and coins. Handbag manufacturers are alive to the fact that men also need to use appropriate handbags and therefore manufacture designer handbags for men. In addition, child handbags are also available. These are however for play.

Handbags are available in different sizes and styles and unlike women handbags that are carried as fashion; most men handbags are purely functional. The common types of handbags available in the market fall under the following categories:

  • Clutch purse – This is a small, long and rectangular handbag mostly carried by women in the evenings. It does not feature a handle. Women use it to carry little personal effects such as lipstick, mirror and mobile phone amongst others. This handbag is appropriate to carry to evening parties. For this reason, it matches a carefully selected evening party dress. Some women also carry it to the office while wearing formal dress. Clutch purses are available in various styles and colors and one can buy those that match her dresses.

Gucci Clutch Purse

  • Satchel Handbag – This is usually a leatherbag and therefore soft-sided. It features a long adjustable strap, worn slung across one shoulder, and is therefore a shoulder bag. It is appropriate for carrying papers or books. For this reason, it is common with students. It is a formal handbag and therefore it goes with a formal dress.
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Prada  Satchel Handbag

  • Duffle Handbag – This is a large handbag that is in most cases used for travel. It is also appropriate as a sports handbag.

Louis Vuitton Duffel Bag

  • Tote Handbag – This is a large multi-purpose bag usually made of clothing. It features straps and can be used for shopping or running errands. Leather tote handbags are not only presentable but also highly functional. A tote handbag is appropriate for wear with informal dress.

Gucci Tote Bag

The above are just some of the handbags available in the market that you can choose from. It is important to take note of several factors when buying and wearing handbags:

  • If you are into colored dresses, make it a point to buy printed handbags, and there are various that you can choose from including Gucci, Fendi, Mac Jacob bags, Louis Vuitton handbags, chanel bags and coach handbags.
  • Do not carry a formal handbag while in an informal dress, you will be out of place.
  • Store your handbags properly to extend their usefulness. Since they are bound to loose shape, consider stuffing them with newspapers before storing. Store your bags in a closet to prevent dust.
  • If you need to clean your bags, do not use water. Instead, use special cleaning liquids available in the market.

Designer handbags can be very expensive. This should not sop you from buying bags of your choice. Various high quality replica handbags are available in the market. Such include handbags Prada and guess handbags in replica. These are cheap handbags that are very affordable. You can access handbags on sale online through various stores that offer them for sale.  

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