5 Best Makeup Concealers

As a woman, you strive to wear a perfect skin that is free of skin blemishes. Due to the fast world we lie in however, your skin is exposed to various elements that have a negative effect on your skin. Such include internal factors such as diet that can encourage the occurrence of acne and other skin problems. Blemishes on your skin, such as scars left by acne can be very disturbing. Luckily, however, makeup concealers are available that you can use and present a perfect skin outlook. In addition makeup concealers, you also have foundation concealer at your disposal.

Both makeup concealers and foundation concealer are cosmetics, specially formulated to be used in covering skin blemishes. Both work on your skin by blending the imperfect area(s) of your skin into the surrounding skin, creating skin uniformity. These two cosmetics are however different. While a skin concealer is heavily pigmented and meant for use on small areas, a foundation concealer is light pigmented and therefore appropriate for use on a large area of your skin. You can use skin concealers on their own or along with a foundation concealer.

Due to the fact that we not all have the same type of skin and skin color, concealer manufacturers produce both of these cosmetics in varied colors and shades. You can therefore find one that fits your type and color of skin perfectly, and although there are many types, skin-toned skin concealers are the most common. It is very important to ascertain your skin color before you set out to buy makeup concealers. You may also need to consider the kind of skin blemish and size you wish to conceal. This is because if it is a large area then you also need to buy appropriate foundation. Together with a concealer is a concealer brush that you use for applying concealer.

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There are many brands of skin concealers and foundations in the market and choosing the best brand can be a great challenge, especially if you have never used these cosmetics. You are likely to find mineral concealers enriched with varied minerals for your skin’s benefit. Both non-mineral and mineral concealers come in concealer pallets that are both attractive and easy to handle. Some of the best concealer products available and that you can buy include:

  • Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer – This is a moist concealer in cream formulation. Cream concealers are very effective as concealer for dark circles. A Bobby Brown Cream Concealer will not highlight those fine lines and any wrinkles on your skin. It is one of the best eye concealers available.

  • Maybelline New York Cover – This is one of the best under eye concealers available. Its thick cream conceals those under eye circles without any trace. It is also effective in covering skin discoloration. This concealer comes in a nice lipstick-like pallet that you can carry anywhere.

  • E.l.f. Concealer – Depending on your type of skin, you may opt for e.l.f. concealer, one of the best mineral concealers available. It comes in a tote package containing such accessories as a foundation concealer, blush, blush brush and an allover brush. You will find it varied shades for light, medium, tan, porcelain and dark skins.

  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage – This is one of the best skin tattoo concealers available. It is available in two shades, each for use during a particular season. It has a yellow undertone, making it appropriate for covering red skin discoloration.

  • YSL Touche Eclat – This is the most popular skin illuminator concealers available. Consider buying it to more for illuminating your skin rather than for covering up blemishes. Apply it on parts of your skin that have shadows, around your eyes, along your nose, under your lips and other pars.
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There is no reason why you should have a perfect skin with blemishes all over. Invest in one of these concealers for acne and wear a uniformed skin. If necessary, buy a skin finish concealer with which you apply as a final coat on your concealer.

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