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Fashion accessories have undergone great transformation over the centuries. From early times when muffs, tippets, bangles and shawls were the only dressing accessories available, you now have variety of accessories available. Is it necessary to accessorize yourself? Certainly. Modern accessories are not just for the beauty and attraction they provide for. Some modern accessories are highly functional and actually offer you protection against adverse weather conditions.

In any case, your dressing is not complete without appropriate accessories. Jewellery, gloves, handbags, belts, hats, wristwatches, scarves, stockings, sunglasses, bow ties, leg warmers, tights and pins amongst others are just some of the beauty and functional accessories you need to invest in for the color, style and class they add to your dressing. Consider fashion accessories as part of your dressing and use the same for a perfect outfit. Below are some of the ways you can wear appropriate accessories depending on the occasion or weather:

  • Chilly weather – You are bound to wear heavy or warm dressing during spring or in the evenings when it is generally chilly. Rather than resort to waistcoats, go for gilets that do not only provide the same functionality but also brings color and style into your dressing. Warm and stylish, gilets are available in padded, suede, fur and leather forms. You simply choose your preference. Gilets are appropriate for any evening dress wear whether just at home or while attending a dinner party.
  • Sunny & Hot weather – Summer is a good time to venture out and indulge in various sports and other activities. Because you will definitely wear flexible and functional dress such as a bikini (if going to the beach), wear appropriate sunglasses that will not only be fashionable but functional. Sunglasses offer your eyes the necessary protection against sunrays. In this regard, Aviator or wraparound sunglasses will do for the additional style statement and an air of misery. In shopping for sunglasses, go for those that provide protection against the sun’s UV rays.
  • Footwear – Mad with buying shoes like most women? Make it a point to invest in some nice shoes that you can wear at any time regardless of the function or dress. Go for classic black leather shoes. You may consider buying a knee-high boot that will fit in well with any dressing and appropriate for wear during evening functions. In doing so, go for one with a heel for the ‘springy’ feel.
  • Scarves – Scarves definitely blend in well with any type of dressing and appropriate for wearing at any occasion, be it at the office or a social function. You can invest in a variety of the same in different patterns, styles and colors to bring a sense of uniformity with your dressing.
  • Chains – Chains are great in that you can wear them with both formal and informal dresses. In shipping for chains, consider going for those with small neckline. They are appropriate for any occasion. You will however need to buy long chains if most of your tops feature Chinese collar.
  • Belts – A chiffon overall dress and a broad leather belt presents a glamorous and romantic dressing suitable for that cool evening date.
  • Handbags – You need to consider many factors before buying handbags. Your body shape and dressing color should inform the size of handbags you buy. Always pay attention to your hipline whenever buying the same. Simply avoid handbags that cover your hipline. You should be able to determine which kind of handbag is appropriate for the office, social function and for travel.
  • Hairstyle – This is perhaps the greatest dressing accessory you need to pay close attention to and while short or long hairstyle is appropriate for any accession at any time, how it is designed matters. Because many hair designs are possible, only ensure that the one you choose fits with your type of dressing and occasion.
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Although many accessories are produced by clothing design companies, you can design your own unique type and kind of fashion accessory that fits in well with your dressing and occasion.

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