All You Need To Know About Denim’s!

Although Denim fabrics have largely been associated with Americans, their popularity has spread to different parts of the world. It is now a ‘tradition’ to find various types of denim fabrics all around the world. Such include:

  • Dry Denim fabric – Dry denim fabric is raw; not washed or chemically treated. Raw denim is dark and stiff to touch. With continued wear however, it fades in color and softens.
  • Flat Denim fabric – Manufacturers obtain flat denim fabric by employing two processes (mercerization and calendaring) on dry denim, leaving it flat, smooth and shiny.
  • Organic Denim – This is created with 100% organic cotton. It retails at a high price compared to other types of denim fabrics.
  • Stretch Denim – Manufacturers obtain stretch denim by mixing varied proportions of Spandex and Cotton, resulting in a stretchable denim fabric that is used in designing clothing that can be worn on any body size.
  • Ring Denim – Fabric manufacturers obtain ring denim fabric by employing ring-spinning technique that leaves the fabric with irregular surface or slubs.
  • Bull Denim – Unlike other denim fabrics, this type of denim is heavy but soft. It is made from cotton and is not dyed. When dyed however, it easily receives dye despite of its weight.
  • Silk Denim – Silk Denim is obtained by weaving fine silk threads into a light dry denim fabric, creating a light, soft and durable fabric that can be used in designing high quality denim clothing for everyone.

Denim fabrics are mostly used in making jeans trousers and jackets. However, flares, shorts, mini skirts are also made. These are available in varied colors with the most common being blue, black and brown jeans clothing. Jeans clothing can be designed and styled in different ways, including skinny, straight, boot cut, maternity, flare and Mommy-cut amongst other designs. Originally made for office wear, jeans clothing is now popular around the world as casual wear.

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It is a fact that everybody can do with denim clothing, particularly trousers and jackets. However, picking the best can be a challenge. The secret however lies in your body type. To bring out that flattering look, you need to pay close attention to achieving proportion and balance. You can only do this by ascertaining your body type. Go through the following body types and determine your own before setting out to buy appropriate jeans clothing:

  • Petite frame – Having a petite body frame means you are likely to be somehow tall. A skinny or straight jeans trouser will be perfect because they will make you appear shorter than you are.
  • Apple shape body – Pay attention to where the waist of the jeans reaches. Pick one that hits the middle of your waist. Going for that which reaches below your waist will create problems for you.
  • Full body – Go for stretchable straight-legged black denim jeans.
  • Pear shape body – You can cancel out the widest part of your body by going for stiff jeans.
  • Long, lean athletic body – You definitely have pronounced muscles. Go for stretch denim jeans that will fit around your muscular legs. You may consider going for those with flair at the bottom.
  • Hourglass body – You exhibit a small waist that you may wish to draw attention to. Go for high-waist jeans.
  • Mommy body – Your post-baby belly stands out although it is only temporary. Go for dark stretchable denim jeans that will camouflage your belly.


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