5 Tips to Look Sexy But Elegant in Office

Does office mean the same boring tops and skirts to you? You must have been following the myth that office attire needs to be smart, professional and minimal while being too much fashion-freak can even take a toll on your professional life, right? Well, you should know that a woman can look both formal as well as fashionable at a time and here comes the importance of office fashion that includes a perfect blend of professionalism and sense of style. How? Go through below:

Alter your choice of blouses

Ditch your regular blouses and go for something unique and sober that can add sparkle to your look without showing off your assets unnecessarily. A soft flowy blouse or a not too tight slinky blouse – whatever it is, your taste can simply do wonders to your fashion style.Tired of those basic dark, somber colors? Experiment with brighter yet classy shades that are just about accurate to peep out from behind a jacket.

Have a look at your skirts and trousers

Knee length skirts and formal trousers are two must haves for trendy office fashion. A knee length, tapered skirt looks attractive and professional as well while a slim-fit pair of formal trousers or custom-made silk pants is the best one for this purpose. Also, give yourself an elegant look with various decent colors, textures and cuts.

Pay attention to your jackets and blazers

Imagine workplace attire without a jacket or a blazer! Sounds quite impossible, right? However, do not stick to those old, tedious ones rather than invest in some more standardized pieces such as a cropped jacket and a blue or neutral blazer with interesting details and colors that will make you look formal and chic as well.

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Accessorize wisely

So, you are blessed with a narrow waist, right? Then why not flaunt it? Use a smaller as well as skinnier belt instead of broad and chunky one to accentuate your waistline while keeping it formal and charismatic enough. When it comes to office fashion, you can never ignore the need of a smart and stylish watch to complement your well-chosen clothing. Again, accessorize your jacket or blazer with a dazzling brooch to grab others’ attention straight away.

Pick up a stunning handbag that is suitable to your workplace as well as your attitude. Instead of dull dark shades such as black, chocolate, indigo etc. opt for some bright yet sober colors with unusual textures and appealing prints.A colorful yet sober scarf around the neck and you are done! However, a big ‘no’ to printed ones as they can spoil the whole look of the outfit at once.

Select perfect footwear

Last but not least, choose footwear that ideally suits your personality as well as your appearance. Keep all your casual shoes aside and pick up something professional yet classy. Moreover, it must be comfortable enough for you to walk around without any trouble.

Just forget about your old boring workplace attire. Bring out your best features by showing off your fabulous sense of office fashion. Touch your regular workplace attire up with a few simple details and stand out from the crowd within the limits of workplace ethics.

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