Belts in Fashion – Do you have them?

Belts have been around for a very long time. After being worn purely for their functionality, you can now wear belts to add that finishing touch to your outlook or alternatively wear an appropriate one to update a tired dress trend. Unlike before, choosing a belt to buy requires creativity and imagination in order to get one or two that rhyme with your kind of dresses. Latest women belts are available in different colors, styles and sizes. The materials used in making the same also vary greatly. Note that a belt conveys a special touch and it is important to ascertain your aim before setting out to buy any. You need to ascertain whether you are out to buy one that conveys sophistication, class or glamour.

Varied in fashion belts are now available in the market, all for glamour, class or sophistication. These are made of varied materials including pure leather, cloth, velor, plastic, velvet, jute and silk. Apart from the base material, they feature different accessories including beads, metal chains, rivets, studs and tassels amongst other additions. Some of the different types that you can choose from include:

  • Sash belts – Popular with Japanese, women Sash belts are very useful in holding the popular Japanese kimono dress at the waist. The belt is a band of cloth or ribbon that you wear around your waist and does not only hold the kimono (or any other dress) but also makes you look beautiful and attractive. Buy a Sash belt to wear during those special occasions in which you are bound to wear a large dress that otherwise comes out nice when held at the waist. A Sash belt is a different attire on its own. Note that it can be as long as 4 meters in length and 60 centimeters in width. You only need to fold and wrap it around your waist.
  • Reversible belt – The women reversible belt is now very popular around the world. You can wear a reversible belt with formal or informal wear, which is its biggest advantage. You have a wide selection when it comes to color. While the formal reversible belt features the same design all through with different colors on either side, the reverse casual belt features may or may not have the same color. Reversible belts are mostly hand-woven.
  • Designer belts – In-fashion designer belts are available in different sizes, shapes, designs, colors and styles. These are mostly feature zippers or pouches and are appropriate for wear with casual dresses. They are in most cases made of leather or capybara skin.
  • Braided belts – Women braided belts are now the craze all around the world. They are not only stylish but attractive and trendy as well. The braids are hand-made by interweaving different strands of different materials that overlap to produce unique designs. They are suitable for wear with both plain and colored casual dresses.
  • Beaded belts – These are in most cases leather belts that feature beads that are inlayed in the material, producing unique designs. They are suitable for wearing with jeans and mini-skirts. You also have the option of going for designer beaded belts that are made using satin, leather cow bone and buffalo horns.
  • Pure leather belts – Women belts made of plain leather will never go out of fashion. Mostly in black with metallic buckles, they are reserved for formal wear.
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You have a wide selection when it comes to choosing women belts in fashion. Simply ascertain your belt need, pay close attention to your kind of dresses and occasions you are fond of attending and set off to pick your choice(s).

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