Body Piercing – Ideas & Tips

Both ear and nose piercing are the most documented body piercing practices, where tender areas on ears (lobes) and nose are punctured to receive jewellery wear. Although previously associated with women, body piercing is now a common practice amongst both men and women, although the number of women who receive body piercing far exceeds that of men. Those who get their bodies pierced do so for various reasons:

  • Expression – Some men and women get their body pierced in specific areas as a way of expressing their individuality.
  • Commemoration – Some men and women get their bodies pierced to mark special occasions or events.
  • Aesthetic value – Some men and women get their bodies pierced to highlight particular parts or sections of their body.
  • Sex – Some men and women get their bodies pierced on their genitals to enhance their sexual pleasure.
  • Religion – Some religions consider some body piercing practices as a form of religious practice.

When you decide to get your body pierced, you can choose to have a permanent or temporary body piercing treatment, depending on your reason(s) for receiving the treatment. Various tools are used in the practice:

  • Piercing needle – This is a medical needle with a hollow beveled-tip. It is available in various lengths, gauges and shapes (straight and curved). You are required to indicate what kind of jewellery you will wear before the appropriate needle is selected.
  • Indwelling cannula – This is a tube used together with a piercing needle. It is a hollow tube placed at the end of the needle. Piercing done with both needle and cannula is usually larger than the jewellery that you wear.
  • Dermal punch – This is useful in removing a circular part of   your body that will receive jewellery.
  • Piercing gun – This is suitable for piercing ear and although it can be used on other parts of the body, its bluntness causes trauma to surrounding tissue.
  • Cork – This is normally used with a piercing needle and placed at the other side of the body part that is pierced. Its main function is to receive the piercing needle.
  • Forceps – A forcep is useful in holding and stabilizing the body part to be pierced.
  • Anesthesia – This is useful in numbing the area to be pierced so that you do not find it painful. It may be applied or injected.
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Below are some body piercing ideas that you may consider:

  • Eyebrow and Ear piercing – This is the most common type of body piercing. This piercing is purely a fashion statement. Previously undertaken on the lobes, you can vary the ear location to suit your preference.

  • Nose piercing – Traditionally a practice of Indian childbearing women, you can get your nose pierced and wear nose rings as fashion.

  • Lip and tongue piercing – Previously associated with African and American cultures where sections around the lips and tongue were pierced to receive tiny jewellery, you can go for lip/tongue piercing for sexual purpose. Some men and women wear jewellery on these body parts to enhance their partner’s sexual pleasure.

  • Nipple piercing – You can get your nipples pierced for sexual purposes. You can wear bosom rings on pierced sections. Nipple piercing can be on one or both nipples.


  • Navel piercing – You will also wear bosom rings if you choose to receive navel piercing treatment.

  • Genital piercing – You may go for genital body piercing is for sexual or emphasis purposes. You may want to wear bosom rings to enhance your (or your partner’s) sexual pleasure or emphasize your genitals.

Body piercing is invasive and you therefore need to maintain high hygienic standards during the healing period. It is also important to get your body pierced at approved centers operated by trained personnel. Getting your body pierced from such centers is also important because you will be able to receive vital information on how to handle any possible complications including allergic reactions, infections, skin trauma and oral trauma amongst other complications. 

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