Body Piercing – Is it style or stupidity?

Ancient civilizations are big on body jewelry. Cosmetics, tattoos and piercing… You name it, they’ve done it. It’s seen as a symbol of slavery and freedom, of beauty and oddity. Piercing in particular has been done since ancient times as a form of self-expression. It might be artistic, sexual or even spiritual in some cultures. You might be surprised at the astonishing number of body parts that you haven’t thought that you could pierce…

Piercings on our ears is its most conventional form. It’s usually sported by women until its recent rise in men. Gay men in particular have used it as a means of public self-identification and to express their individuality. Different piercings have different meanings that have attracted dozens of opinions ranging from disgust to fascination. It’s done for their motives and supported by their own principles. So it all depends on what you think of it.
There are so many trendy options for body piercings now that it doesn’t surprise us anymore. Some of it is meant to enhance certain features like a naval earring on a flat washboard tummy. When it’s done by professionals, it’s absolutely safe. There’s also a wide range of products to choose from as well as safe body piercing studios. It’s not so painful if you really want it, right?
If you want to make a statement, go for it. Nobody can forbid you for doing what you want because you’re entitled to your own opinion. It’s your body and your rules. You can do this if you’re at the correct age and after making a sober decision. We strongly recommend visiting a reputable body piercing studio for the truly interested. (You do know that it’s dangerous and your skin might get infected. Scars don’t go away easily too. It might stay there forever.)
Piercing is simply one of our ways of self-expression. If you choose to have body jewelry then you’re on your way to being unique and expressive.

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