How to Choose Perfect Sunglasses For You?

The use of sunglasses has increased over the past few years due to various reasons. The increase in their use has driven manufacturers to design and manufacture sunglasses in different styles to satisfy different tastes. You may wear sunglasses for the following reasons:

  • Masking – You may need to mask your eyes in order to protect your identity. This is popular with celebrities and film actors.
  • Comfort – You may wear sunglasses for the comfort they provide against bright sunlight and other shiny objects.
  • Protection against radiation – This is perhaps the main reason you may want to wear sunglasses. Sunrays produce ultraviolet radiation that causes eye problems including cataracts, photokeratitis and snow blindness amongst others.
  • Fashion – You may wear sunglasses as a fashion accessory to project a cool image as is now common. In this case, designer sunglasses will do.
  • Hide visual defects – It is common for those with visual defects including the blind to wear sunglasses in an effort to avoid making others uncomfortable.
  • For sports – Water sunglasses are popular with swimmers and other water sports. They are particular useful while sporting in turbulent waters.

Since the most important reason why you need to wear sunglasses is for protection against ultraviolet radiation, it is only good that you assess the protection that a sunglass provides before you buy. Note that there is no set standard protection although some countries such as the US, Australia and the England have their own standards. You should therefore buy and get it measured by a qualified optician with the right tools to ascertain level of protection.

Contrary to popular belief, sunglasses with black lenses do not necessarily provide protection against ultraviolet radiation. You may therefore need to consider sunglasses in other colors including:

  • Brown lenses – In addition to providing protection against radiation, brown lenses increase light contrast although they cause color distortion.
  • Turquoise lenses – These are very good at enhancing contrast. They are appropriate for wearing in medium and high light conditions.
  • Orange/yellow lenses – These are popular with pilots, hunters and shooters for their ability to increase light contrast.
  • Grey/Green lenses – These do not cause any color distortion, they maintain true colors.
  • Blue/Purple lenses – These cause no effect except for providing protection against radiation.
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While considering various factors to buy an appropriate sunglass, your face type is another important factor that you should not ignore. Determine your face type before going out to buy sunglasses. Determine your face type from the following types:

  • Oval Face – You exhibit a narrow chin with high cheekbones. You have a proportional face. You are lucky since most sunglass frames fit oval face types.
  • Round Face – You exhibit a rounded chin and full cheeks. The width and length of your face is proportional. It will do you good to buy sunglasses with angular or geometric frames to sharpen your facial features.
  • Heart-shaped Face – You exhibit a broad forehead with wide cheekbones that narrow down to a small chin. It will be appropriate to buy sunglasses with bottom heavy frames that will add width to the lower part of your face.
  • Square Face – You exhibit angular face with a strong jaw and broad forehead. You also have a square chin and your face is perfectly proportional. Go for sunglasses that feature oval or rounded frames.
  • Long Face – You exhibit a narrow face that is otherwise wide. Your facial features are angular with high cheekbones, tall forehead and long nose. Go for sunglasses that feature tall frames that will create a shorter face.

Considering all the above factors before buying sunglasses will enable you to buy sunglasses that will not only offer you protection against UV radiation but also they will be fashionable.

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