Fall Make Up Tips

Fall is definitely a beautiful season. The earthly, extinguished yellowish colors that Mother Nature brings forth make everything look lovely. This is the perfect time to also make yourself look lovely and blend in well with nature. Apart from changing your wardrobe, you need to look at your make up so as to be able to be prepared for the fall season. You need to note that it is during fall that you need not worry about your make up falling off due to the opportune weather. The season literally gives you the opportunity to experiment with gorgeous colors.

Transiting into fall may also mean replacing the basic tools that you use in applying make up. You need a complete change of foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadows lipstick, lip gloss, brow pencil or powder and mascara. You need to avoid such colors as purple, blue, grey and tinted colors during fall and instead go for green, beige, bronze, dark olive and golden bronze. When considering appropriate lip make ups for fall, settle for warm colors. Go for corals, orange flush or bricks.

You cannot think of settling for appropriate make up for fall season without paying a closer look at foundation. Foundation is like your second skin and you need to choose a moisturizer and/or concealer of a color that best matches your skin color. It is important to note that as the season changes from summer to fall, your skin also changes in tone, becoming paler in the process. It will work good for you to test any foundation on your skin before you decide to purchase. Testing is very important because a foundation will definitely change in color once on your skin.

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It will be great to settle for natural-looking foundations that will make your skin illuminate. How you apply a foundation is also crucial. Because you naturally will want to create a natural look, it will be good to start with a moisturizer to help the foundation blend with your skin well. The best way to apply a foundation is to use your finger tips in small amounts until you obtain a natural look. Note that you can add more foundations as you wish.

Your summer make up mascara will definitely not be appropriate for wear during fall. You need to change your make up mascara as you undertake other changes in readiness for the fall season. It will be great to settle for natural make up shades that are cool. It is important to point out that mascara will not in itself produce the look you will wish to have; the type of wand you will use is critical. For fuller eyelashes, it will be best to settle for a wand with full brushes. It is also important to have a small brush that will easily reach the corners of your eyes. Just note that the color of mascara you settle for should compliment your eye shadows.

You have several options when it comes to choosing your make up for the fall season. You can settle for soft, bold, dark and nature-inspired make up. Soft make up is very appropriate for wear at parties and other social places. To achieve a soft make up and present a nude appearance during fall, define your eyebrows with powder, highlighting your cheekbones as well. Opt to use brown mascara rather than a dark one. A bold make up during fall will be a strong statement of yourself. While you will need to emphasize your eyebrows, you will need to shape them. If you will need to wear dark make up, opt for earth-toned shadow, covering the same with iridescent shade. Just ensure that you apply a nude color of lipstick or gloss.

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