7 Exclusive Hair Weaving Techniques

Tired of those boring hairstyles? Want to sport extra bouncy, voluminous and lustrous hair? Well, different hair weaving techniques can be the perfect solution for you. These are the methods adopted by professional hair salons where synthetic or sometimes human hair is woven into normal hair of individuals so that those appear longer and thicker. The length, texture and color of the hair extensions can be altered according to the preferences of the clients. Here are 7 exclusive hair weaving techniques for you:

Fusion hair weaves

‘Strand bond weaving’, popularly known as ‘Fusion weaving’ is a unique and the most popular hair weaving technique. This method is so named because here the hair extensions are carefully fused to the original hair of an individual. More precisely, the hair strands which need to be woven into the natural hair are fused with the help of cold bonding or thermal bonding. Though it is quite expensive than other weaving techniques, it lasts around 3 months which is really longer than any other hair extensions and also gives your hair a completely natural look.

Drawstring weaves

These ‘Drawstring weaves’ are one of the favorite hair weaving techniques of women who are fond of high pony tails or buns. The specialty of this method is that it does not need damaging glues to attach the weaves to one’s natural hair, and hence these can be removed anytime without putting so much stress on the original hair that some other techniques need.

Sew in weaves

Most of the professional hair extension salons prefer this ‘Sew in weaves’ technique. Usually, this method presents an excellent natural look as synthetic or even natural human hair is woven into firm and petite braids of natural hair which lie absolutely flat across the scalp. If you take the help of a hair stylist, it will need about 3 – 4 hours to finish this hair weaving and it would not need strict maintenance too.

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Half weaves

If you want something unique, you can definitely try these ‘Half weaves’. In this exclusive hair weaving technique, the weaves are attached to the normal hair with the help of combs only. Individuals can always try out different styles while using this technique.

Glue in weaves

If you are a newbie in hair weaving, then ‘Glue in weaves’ can best serve your purpose. These cheap and easy to apply weaves give additional volume as well as bounce to your natural hair. However, these can cause damage to hair by making them easily breakable if not applied properly.

Lace front weaves

From gorgeous Hollywood celebs to common women facing extreme hair fall or damaged hair problem due to too much application of hair styling products can go for ‘Lace front weaves’. The help of a professional hair expert is somehow necessary to attach the weaves to the natural hair appropriately. An improper application can results into abnormal hair fall particularly round the nape.

Custom hair weaves

As the name suggests, ‘Custom hair weaves’ are special hair weaving techniques that are created and customized according to the requirements of clients. Hence, these vary from individual to individual. Being a customizable method it is costly than other hair weaving techniques.

So, you have a lot of ways to make your natural hair appear voluminous now. Choose the perfect one and discover a new ‘you’!

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