Best Bridal Hair Styles For 2011

Your wedding is not just an occasion that you have taken time to prepare for, it is an occasion that you have imagined of since you discovered your sexuality. You have always looked forward to the perfect marriage possible. When your wedding day nears, you certainly ensure that all preparations are in order and one of the important things that you ensure is in order is the state of your hair. This is regardless of your culture or religion because such institutions and individuals recognize the fact that a woman’s hair compliments her beauty. Your hair in itself is a beauty that you need to nurture, especially for your wedding occasion.

You need to act appropriately to ensure that you select the best and suitable hairstyle to wear for your wedding. Although you may engage the services of a professional hairstylist to serve you, it is important that you do not discard your preference. Indicate to your stylist what you think is most appropriate for you and let him/her build on your suggestion. You may desire to have a wilder hairstyle if you have been mostly into punk. You may leave your hairstylist to select for you the best style in relation to your face shape, in which case you may consider wearing a sweeping bang hairstyle if you exhibit angular jawline. The other important factors that you certainly need to discuss on together with your hairstylist are hair texture and color. You may also need to select a hairstyle keeping in your mind the kind of wedding dress you will wear during the occasion.

In order to have the perfect hairstyle that you desire for your wedding, it is necessary that you determine the hairstyle months to your wedding day. This is because you may need time to grow your hair and possibly experiment with various styles and colors. Depending on your personal preference and your hairstylist suggestion, you may consider various short, medium and long hairstyles. Note that the length of your hairstyle determines what type of look you will present during the occasion. Below are some of the top seven bridal hairstyles that you can choose from and have a perfect wedding:

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Short bridal hairstyles

Although not popular in the last few years, short hairstyles are making a comeback as the most appropriate bridal hairstyle. Short hair is not only easy to care for but also easy to style. However choosing a short hairstyle will force you to employ the use of accessories (which may compliment your beauty anyway). Some of the short hairstyles you may choose include:

  • Short Curly & Wavy Hairstyle 


  • Short Bobs Hairstyle

  • Short Bang Hairstyle


  • Prom & Updo Hairstyle


  • Short Retro Hairstyle


  • Short Dark Hairstyle


  • Short Celebrity Hairstyle


Medium bridal hairstyles

The advantage of working with medium hairstyles lies in their versatility. You can achieve varied classic bridal bobs. Some of the medium hairstyles you may choose from include:

  • Medium Curly & Wavy Hairstyle


  • Medium Bobs Hairstyle


  • Medium Blonde Hairstyle


  • Medium Bang Hairstyle


  • Medium Party Hairstyle


  • Medium Flicked Hairstyle


  • Medium Straight Hairstyle


Long bridal hairstyles

You can achieve longer waves with long hair. Having a long hair saves you from using extensions. You can choose from the following:

  • Long Curly & Wavy Hairstyle


  • Long Bob Hairstyle


  • Long Blonde Hairstyle


  • Long Bang Hairstyle


  • Long Straight Hairstyle


  • Long Streaked & Heightened Hairstyle


  • Long Dark Hairstyle

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