Get Stylish Hair Bangs This Summer

Love or hate it, bangs have been around, are around and will probably continue to be around. In simple terms, bangs are still hot. If this is not enough reason for you to get hair bangs this summer then consider the following: A bang is not just a hairstyle, it serves a purpose. You are able to perfect your less ideal face shape by wearing a bang. You will be drawing attention from your face shape to your eyes. If you are into wearing long hair styles and wish to pamper the same, wearing a bang will do. You will have a complete a complete make over without affecting the length of your hair style.

Contrary to popular belief that certain women with specific hair styles are those that can wear bangs, you can also wear a bang. What will differ is the type of bang you will wear, depending on your hair do and your facial features.

Types of Hair Bangs

Look at the types below to ascertain which type of bang to wear this summer:

  • Mod bang – This type of bang will sit below your brow. Your hair stylist should be able to create it either straight across or rounded at the corners (depending on your preference). Go for a mod bang if you have a long face because the bang will disguise the length by covering your forehead. Note that your mod bang will require daily straightening.

Katie Holmes with Mod Bang

  • Peek-a-boo bang – This type of bang is created to be long. It is created in such a way that it covers your eyes while wispy to allow you see through. You can wear it either straight down or sweep it to the sides. This type of bang presents a sexy outlook and is very flattering. Wear this bang straight down if you have a long or heart-shaped face and sweep it to the sides if you have round, square of peer shaped face. This bang is very easy to grow and sits well on almost all hairstyles.
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Adrianne with Peek-a-boo Bang


  • Baby bang – This type of bang sits well with short hair. The bang is short and draws attention to your eyes. It presents a youthful look on your face. Wear this type of bang if you have great eyes. It will come out on you perfectly if you have a rounded or wide face.

Christina Aguilera with Baby Bang

  • Asymmetric bang – This type of bang comes out well with all women hair styles. It also sits well if you have hair extensions. It can be created to be light or heavy at sharp or soft angles. You are lucky if you have short black hair because this is your best pick.

Keira Knightley with Asymmetric Bang

You can choose a type of bang that is likely to make you look new this summer. It does not really matter if you have extensions for long hair. Various hair styles for women are available in magazines and online that you can choose from and wear. In order to end up with a perfect bang, it is important to choose one in consultation with your hair stylist, especially if you hair extensions. The good thing in wearing bangs is that you can wear one and wear varied types of wigs to conceal it and change your look.

Maintaining your bang is very important. You need to have them cut whenever you have hair cuts. This will ensure that the length of your bang is proportionate to that of your overall hair. Consider investing in hydrating shampoo and conditioner for use after receiving haircuts as part of maintaining your bangs.

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