Hot & Sexy Bikini Brands Of 2011

Summer is a good time to venture out and partake in various activities associated with the warm weather. Why not seize the opportunity and indulge yourself in the various water sports? Do not worry if you are not into water sports, you can get involved in other varied activities on the beach. There is no better way to do this than in a suitable sexy bikini dressing that will leave everyone with admiration. Have you seen a picture of a model in bikinis? Transform and be your own model for some time and have the same feeling that models enjoy. You do not need to restrict yourself to the common bikinis, stretch your imagination and come up with your own bikini ideas. You can opt to wear a top bikini and thongs, creating a unique and attractive outfit that anyone will want to copy.

Consider the following sexy bikini ideas to help you in coming up with a unique bikini outfit that will transform you into a model in bikinis:

1.  Adriana Fernandez Swimwear – Inspired by Adriana Fernandez’s creativity, these swimwear are typical of Brazilian fashion and culture. They are not only sexy and comfortable but highly functional as well. Adriana bikinis are available in various styles including Classic, Funky and Chick, in varied colors.

Adriana Fernandez Plain Bikini


Adriana Top Striped Bikini 


Adriana One-Piece Swimwear

2.  Aguaclara Swimwear – Inspired and created by Liliana and Jorge Villalobos (siblings) in 1989, Aguaclara swimwear are some of the leading bikinis in the market. These bikinis feature elaborate embroidery that is handmade, making it possible to find them in various sexy and attractive styles with distinct feminine sensation. Aguaclara swimwear has dominated various cover magazines, driving its reputation and popularity to a higher level.         


         Aguaclara Animal-print triangle-top Bikini


Aguaclara Faux-snake skin bikini       


Aguaclara Gorgeous triangle-top bikini  

3.  Agua de Coco Swimwear – Agua de Coco bikinis are inspired by Liana Thomaz, a reknown seamstress stylist who started who started producing bikinis with only one sewing machine. From humble beginnings, Agua Coco line of swimwear that includes one-piece swimsuits and bathing suits has become popular throughout the world. Made from the highest quality fabrics in the world, this line of bikinis are stylish, sexy and comfortable to wear.                                                 

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Agua de Coco Adjustable halter top bikini


Agua de Coco Halter top Bikini


Agua de Coco Cote-de-azur Triangle top bikini

4.  Aqua Di Lara Swimwear – This line of swimwear is inspired by Reyhan Sofraci, the award winning Creative Director. Sofraci’s first bikini creation hit the market in 2006, instantly gracing cover pages of prestigious magazines and becoming a hit.

Agua di Lara Stunning two piece halterkini 


Agua di Lara Wet-suit inspired monokini


Agua di Lara Maillot with diamond centrepiece

5.  Caffe Swimwear – With a background in design, drawing and painting, Paula Saavedra launched her Caffe line of swimwear in 2004, a line that has continued to avail exquisite bikinis over the years. The bikinis are sexy, stylish and popular with women who love a combination of hand embellished high quality fabric.

                                                                                                        Caffe Multi-colour bikini


Caffe Bandeau-top bikini


Caffe Snake skin trimmed bikini

6.  Charlie Swimwear – Charlie bikinis are a creation of Mathew Zink, formerly at Secret Catalogue. Charlie bikinis are highly provocative, evoking luxury and sexy feelings. Charlie swimwears are trendy, classic and timeless design pieces that are necessary for a wardrobe.

Charlie Beautiful X-back halter top Bikini


Charlie Gorgeous canopy green shimmer bikini


Charlie Art deco inspired foil print  Bikini

7.  Chio Di Stefania D Swimwear – Inspired by Stefania and Simone (sisters), this line of bikinis hit the market in 2001. These swimwears combine Italian and American styles, creating a refreshing modern style. They are not only fashionable but sexy as well. They are available in eye-catching colors in attractive designs.                                                                      

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Chio di Stefania Halter-style Bikini


Chio di Stefania Bandeau style dress Bikini


8.  Cia Maritima Swimwear – From manufacturing shirts, Henrique Rosset diversified into designing and manufacturing beachwear, which have stood the test of time to date. Cia Maritima bikinis are sought after some of the most sought after bikinis in Brazil and other parts of the world.

                                                                        Cia Maritima Twisted padded bandeau Bikini


Cia Maritima Sliding halter top bikini with gold chain


Cia Maritima Molded cup bandeau bikini

9.  Jets Swimwear – Jets swimwear is a creation of Jessika Allen who naturally had a liking for swimwear. Jets swimwears are designed to enhance a woman’s body shape and curves as stretch materials are used in their design. They are premium luxury bikinis that literally move with the body.  


Jets Bohemian Bikini


Bohemian Indian ink and coral bliss bikini

10.  Kymare Swimwear – Inspired by Kim Wormgoor in late 1970s, Kymare swimwear have continued to be received well worldwide by majority of women. This line of swimwear can simply be described as exclusive, refined and modern. The bikinis feature distinctive details that separate them from the rest.


Kymare One-Piece bandeau


Kymare halter Bikini                

Do not sit back this time to watch others partake in various beach activities that not only fun but also good to your health; go online and conduct a bikini shop online for sexy swimwears for your wardrobe. 

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