How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Perfectly

Do you want a pair of killer eyes? Try the secret ‘weapon’ for it. Yes, I’m talking about liquid eyeliner – the most vital component of a dazzling eye makeup. Eyes are the most expressive organ of our body and it really doubles our beauty when highlighted properly with a good quality liner. It also adds glamour to our styles and helps our eyes look bigger as well as more attractive. Once you become familiar enough with the method of applying liquid eyeliner, you can easily get a smart and sexy look. Here are 3 simple steps for you to learn how to apply liquid eyeliner perfectly:

Putting on Eyelid Primer for Making Base

You are going to start a fresh and new eye makeup. Hence, removing all traces of your previous eye makeup is the first and foremost thing you need to do. Start off by washing and cleaning your eyelids as well as eyelashes gently and hygienically. Now swipe an eyeshadow primer on your lids or you can also dab some liquid foundation. It makes sure that your liquid eyeliner lasts longer and keeps you away from the worry of flaking or creasing. Apply an eyeshadow of your choice now. Remember that an eyelid primer as well as an eyeshadow together acts as the base of liquid eyeliner. Therefore, it is essential to apply eyeshadow before applying liquid eyeliner perfectly in order to avoid smudging.

Picking up the right shade of liquid eyeliner is another important task. Your choice must be based on your skin tone, the type of makeup and of course the look you want. Neutral colors such as brown, gray or black are ideal for every day makeup while for a stunning look you can opt for bright shades like purple, green, blue etc.

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Keeping Hands Steady

As the art of applying liquid eyeliner involves careful movement of hand, it is important to keep your hands steady before you start lining your eyelids. If you are learning how to apply liquid eyeliner for the first time, your hand might start trembling slowly. Just place it on any plane surface and hold the corner of the eye (which you are lining the lid of) pulling the skin tight with your other hand so that the eye remains half open.

Applying the Eyeliner Smoothly

Here comes the most significant part of the step-by-step tutorial ‘how to apply liquid eyeliner’. Start applying the eyeliner of your choice smoothly over the eyelid. The line you are drawing should be thin in the inner corner of the eye. However, gradually thicken the line as you move along the outside of the eye. If you feel that drawing a perfect line is not your cup of tea, just place tiny dots on your eyelash line and connect them by a single stroke to form a smooth straight line. Once you are done applying your liquid eyeliner, use mascara and kohl to finish your gorgeous eye makeup. Also add a dramatic effect to your look by lining your waterline with your liner. Keep a makeup remover handy so that you can fix any mistake or curved line by dipping a q-tip in it.

The entire process sounds simple and interesting, right? Well, in reality the actual application might prove a little bit difficult. However, it is all about a lot of careful practices and patience. Give yourself a little more time and you will become expert enough.

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