Look Sexy This Season, Regardless of Your Body Shape

Looking sexy is not something that occurs on its own, it is something that takes your time, plan and create. Your body shape is an aspect of your physical appearance that influences (either positively or negatively) on your body image. While you can undertake cosmetic surgery, exercises and dieting to achieve a perfect sexy body, you also need to pay a close attention to your wardrobe. You may employ appropriate measures and achieve a sexy body only to ruin or subdue it with inappropriate clothing. Note that although there is always a sexy beast within you waiting to come out, it can only be so if you undertake appropriate steps. This is regardless of your body shape.

To achieve a perfect sexy body this season, you need to understand your body shape and invest in appropriate clothing that will always enhance your outlook. Your body shape will generally fall into the following categories:

  • Apple body shape – You have this body shape if you have a triangular shape downwards. You have broader shoulders compared with your hips, which are narrow. It is most likely that you have slim thighs and legs with your abdomen and chest looking out of proportion with the rest of your body because of the fact that fat will be deposited in these areas, including in your face. While you will need to work on the fat deposits, you need to ensure that your wardrobe features clothing that will enhance the appearance of your slim thighs, legs and hips. Avoid tight trousers or pants that should be in colors that cancel out the look of your broader shoulders.
  • Banana body shape – You have this shape if your waist measurement is smaller than your hip measurement. You will likely have overall fat deposits in your chest, abdomen, buttocks and face, resulting in your overall body shape being a straight shape. This shape enables you to have a wide selection of clothing to choose from, including trousers, nice waist-fitting tops or suits.
  • Pearl body shape – This is at times either referred to as spoon or bell body shape in which your hip measurement exceeds that of your bust. Fat is likely to be deposited in your hips, thighs and buttocks, resulting in you having a larger rear with a small bosom. Trousers will certainly not suit you; invest in right size suits and loose clothing that will not hold you tight.
  • Hourglass body shape – Having this shape means you have a narrow waist with your hip and bust measurements being almost equal. This means that fat deposits will occur in both your upper and lower body, in effect enlarging your arms, chest, abdomen and the rear. While suits will do you good, you also have the option of going for appropriate trousers with matching tops.
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Apart from ensuring that your wardrobe has appropriate clothing including appropriate footwear, it is important to consider other factors:

  • Cleanliness – Ensure that you bathe at least twice a day using a nice smelling body soap. Invest in a rich body lotion that will not only make your skin soft but also enhance the appearance of your skin. Pay close attention to your hands, elbows and feet. Do not forget to take care of your nails.
  • Dental hygiene – Establish a brushing, flossing and mouth wash routine. This will ensure that you always have fresh breath. If need be, go for check up and have your teeth cleaned.
  • Style – Develop and maintain a style. This is particularly with your hair. Head to a salon and have a nice haircut that will not only make you look sexy but build your confidence as well.
  • Make-up – While you may employ the use of make-up to achieve a sexy look this season, remember not to overdo it. Make it subtle.

Regardless of your body shape, you can easily look sexy this season by carefully choosing your clothing and establishing a style routine. The most important thing not to do is change yourself. Remember that you are unique in your own way and trying to change everything about yourself in an effort to look like another person will simply not do. You can look sexy in your own way.

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