Want to Look Younger, Get a Haircut

It is highly possible that you have come across several ways through which you can achieve that youthful look. Such include the use of suitable diet containing varied ingredients, cosmetic surgeries and the use of body creams and lotions. While these can work and ensure that you achieve a younger look, has it occurred to you that you can achieve the same through a simple haircut? Letting your hair grow uncontrolled greatly changes your overall outlook, making you look much older than you may actually be. By having a suitable haircut, you will not only be transforming your hair look but also your overall appearance.

In order to look younger, it is important that you go for a haircut at a professional salon with personnel who understand different types of hair. It is a fact that if you are in your 40s, 50s or older, you grapple with the problem of thinning hair and it is only a professional stylist who is in a better position to advice you on a suitable haircut. Remember that regardless of your age, your hair continues to grow. While it can take up to six years to grow, it takes the hair follicles up to four months to rest before starting to produce new hair. This will result in your old hair falling out. You should therefore consider it natural and not be alarmed when you experience heavy hair fall out.

Various haircut styles are available that you can choose from or your professional hair stylist can recommend. The interesting thing to note is that the styles are not new; they have been there before and you did not think of adopting them. In choosing a haircut, you need to consider various factors. These include your face shape, your age and the occasion.  Determine your face shape before you have a hair cut because you will only achieve your goal of looking younger with a suitable haircut.

  • Round face shape – While you may be comfortable with your round face, it is likely that it is bulky. You may consider subduing the roundness and bulkiness by going for a shoulder-length haircut if you have long hair. This will make your face look long, leaner and less round.
  • Square face shape – Having a square face shape means that your angular jaw stands out prominently.  You can subdue this by going for short spiky haircut in case you have short hair or long sleek cut in case you have long hair.
  • Oval face shape – Having an oval face shape gives you a wide choice of haircuts to choose from, whether you have short or long hair. You simply need to determine your strong facial flattering feature and choose a suitable haircut style to highlight it. You can go for a funky, angular or blunt haircut.
  • Long face shape – Having a long face requires that you go for a haircut that will not subdue the face but rather let the width appear extended. You have the option of going for a Brow-skimming bang, chin-length bobs or Gwyneth Paltrow’s long bob.
  • Heart face shape – Having a heart-shaped face means that your chin stands out. You can divert everybody’s attention to your eyes and cheekbones by going for a side-swept bang haircut that lets your hair fall below your jawline.
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Regardless of your face shape and a suitable haircut, you need to pay a special attention to your age. It is true that looking young is important, so is the haircut you choose. Some haircut styles are only appropriate for teenagers and you certainly do not want to create an impression that ‘you wish you were in a position to reverse your age’. It is also vital to consider what you are usually involved in; office work? In public? Considering all these factors will enable you have a suitable haircut that will not only make you look younger but also enhance your confidence.

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