Mineral Makeup: Is It better than Traditional Makeup?

“The best thing is to look natural but it takes makeup to look natural,” says the divine Calvin Klein. The daring designer definitely knows what he’s talking about. In the field of self-enhancement, beauty is another exciting realm to excel in.

Women have been applying makeup on their faces and bodies over the ages to enhance their features and to cover up their flaws. It is a tool that they use liberally to mask skin blemishes and to accentuate their best features. In the 21st century, we see an emerging trend of health-conscious women becoming concerned on what they’re putting on their bodies. It’s not just about what they eat but also about what they put on their skin. It’s no wonder that we see products in the market claiming to be natural and organic to attract new breed of customers because they desire to have products that are chemical-free.
In recent years, we also watched mineral makeup rise through the ranks to satisfy this demand. Yet a question lingers in our heads, what is mineral makeup? What makes it so different from traditional makeup products? Is it really good for skin?
Mineral-based makeup is actually made up of a variety of the earth’s natural mineral elements such as zinc oxide. These products are made from finely-ground minerals from the earth itself so it shouldn’t include any preservatives or chemicals. Mineral particles are not supposed to clog up our pores or penetrate our skin. It often comes in the form of loose, lightweight powder that you can apply into your skin with a large brush. There are also some products that have additional non-mineral ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants that are meant to penetrate the skin. It is made with ingredients that are known to be uninterrupting the skin’s natural functions. Is it good for the skin or is it simply just some hype?
The health benefits that are achieved through mineral-based makeup includes a more natural look, a natural sunscreen, the removal of talc and other ingredients that causes irritation to the skin and a better feel since it can also act as foundation/concealer/powder in one neat package. Another great thing about it is that it can give the appearance of flawless skin because of its light-reflecting properties. Don’t worry about sweating too. It’s often water-resistant and can withstand an amazingly long time without getting removed from your face.
Mineral-based products come in many forms and colours. Foundation makeup is the most common type of mineral-based makeup in the market. But there are blushes, eye shadows and lipsticks that are mineral-based as well. If you’re planning to use mineral-based makeup then you have to be aware that it’s not perfect. Not everyone loves it. One of the most common complaints that come with mineral-based makeup is that it can be drying and irritating on the skin. Another complaint is that it’s not very forgiving towards mature skin.
As perfect as it may seem, you have to be careful about it as well. Don’t be sold by labels that claim “all natural” or “all mineral”. Look closely at the ingredients that make up the product to avoid unpleasant surprises like irritated skin. Be certain to read labels carefully and always test the product on a small patch of your skin to be on the safe side.

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