Most Popular Scarf Wearing Ideas

As clothing pieces, scarves have been worn since early Roman times. Unlike present times when you wear scarves as a clothing fashion, they were worn for cleanliness then. They were worn as sweat clothes, used to wipe sweat on the neck and face areas during hot weather. Women later took up wearing of scarves and drove it to another level. Earlier time scarves were mostly of cotton and were used by solders as well. Such were however worn by junior officers. Senior officers mostly wore scarves made of silk.

Modern scarves are worn for various reasons:

  • Warmth – Scarves designed to provide for warmth in cold weather are thick and knitted, made from wool. While you tie this around your neck, you may also wear a heavy jacket and a warm hat.
  • Protection – Scarves designed to protect hair against adverse elements such as dust are thin and very light. You wear it over your head to keep your head clean.
  • Religion – It is a common practice in some religions for women (and men too) to wear scarves during service.
  • Uniform – Scarves are used in some schools as uniform, making it possible for students from different colleges or institutions to be identified. Scarves are also part of the Scout Movement uniform.
  • In sports – Scarves are popular with various sports team fans. In particular, various football teams have their scarves, which fans have come to be identified with.
  • Fashion – This is where the use of scarves is prominent. Various fashion scarves are available in different designs, styles and sizes. Scarves are now important clothing accessory; no wonder appropriate scarves are sold together with certain dresses.
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There are several ways that you can wear (tie) a scarf (as fashion or for functionality). How you do so will be dictated by prevailing weather condition, size of the scarf and your clothing, including clothing accessories. Some of the popular are:

  • Ascot Knot – This is the easiest wear. You wear the scarf and leave it hanging loose. Place the scarf round your neck, ensuring that both sides are of the same length. Bring the sides together and form a knot, without tightening the knot. Ascot knot wear is appropriate if you want to wear scarf for fashion purposes.

Gisele Bundchen with Ascot Knot Scarf

  • Twice-Around Ascot – Wear (tie) the Twice-Around Ascot as you would Ascot Knot. Unlike the Ascot Knot however, let the sides go round your neck once again before tying them to form a knot at the front. Twice-Around Ascot requires that you have a long scarf. This type of wear is usually tighter than Ascot Knot and is appropriate during a cold season.

Jessica Alba with Twice-Around Ascot Knot Style Scarf

  • Slip Knot – This scarf wear requires that you have a long scarf. Unlike the previous wear, you tie a Slip Knot on either of your sides (loosely), letting some length of the scarf to hang loose. This wear is appropriate in cold weather.

Lindsay Lohan with Slip Knot Style Scarf

  • Fake Knot – Forming this type of wear is like forming Ascot Knot except that you create a knot on one side of the scarf before bringing the other side and letting it pass through the knot. Tighten by pulling the lose side to form a fake knot just below your chin. This wear is appropriate during cold weather.
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Katie Holmes with Fake Knot Style Scarf

  • Neck Tie – Create this wear by using a light scarf. Create it in the same way you would tie a necktie. Unlike other forms of scarf wear, Neck Tie form is formal and you can wear it with a business suit or a coat.

Victoria Bekham with Neck Tie Style Scarf

  • Toss – Create this requires that you have a long scarf that you hang around your neck with one side being longer than the other side. Toss the longer side over the opposite shoulder, letting it hang at your back.

Jessica Alba with Toss Style Scarf

  • Classic Drape – This scarf wear is appropriate when you wear a coat that leaves your chest area bare by the coat’s neckline. You simply drape the scarf around your neck, tucking the side inside the coat. This way, you cover your bare chest.

Jennifer Aniston with Classic Drape Style Scarf

Scarves are available in various designs and colors. Wearing the same as fashion requires that you pay attention to pattern and colors when purchasing. Purchase with your clothing colors and patterns in your mind. 

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