6 Easy Tips to Make Your Cosmetics Last Long

You are certainly using one or two cosmetics on a daily or regular basis. When shopping for the same, you go to great lengths to identify not only the appropriate ones but those that last for long as well. Have you ever thought of how you can make them last long in your own way? In particular, your cosmetic products as those you use for applying cosmetics need to serve you for some time before you can budget buying fresh ones. Cosmetic products are a necessity and it is just important that you take good care of them as you do to your cosmetics. Note that some cosmetic products help you apply your cosmetics with precision and without proper care to prolong their usefulness, they loose their functionality. Below are some tips that you can use to make your cosmetics and cosmetic products last long:

  • Tweezers – It is very important to use a cosmetic product for what it is designed. If you use tweezers for example, it is wrong to use that for removing brows and other facial hair to remove splinters and other foreign bodies. Doing so is not appropriate because they are designed for specific purposes.
  • Brushes – A cosmetic brush kit contains varied brushes for different purposes. They are all versatile and precise and require proper care to make them last long. Clean them often through proper washing. They are designed to withstand regular use and washing. Rather than use common liquids for washing, use specially designed brush cleansers. Such contain valuable ingredients including tea tree oil and other ingredients that help in eradicating various skin problems such as acne.
  • Concealers – Concealers and foundations require proper care to make them last long. Store them in an appropriate location. Avoid extreme temperatures that can degrade their quality.
  • Cosmetics – You need to use your cosmetics in an appropriate manner. Always close cosmetic containers tightly to preserve their content. Leaving lids and lipsticks lying in the open exposes them to dust and other impurities. Using contaminated cosmetics or products can be counter-productive; you will end up with skin infections.
  • Sharing – It is important to keep your cosmetics for your own use. Sharing cosmetics increases the risk for contamination and bacterial buildup. Avoid situations in which you are forced to borrow makeup or cosmetic product by always buying in advance. It is also very important to know how long you have used a cosmetic. As a rule, replace all cosmetics within six months of usage, even if the expiry date is still beyond. Six months is enough for your cosmetics to be contaminated. The mere presence of air as you open a cosmetic container daily is enough to cause buildup of bacteria.
  • Cleanliness – There is nothing important as cleanliness when it comes to applying cosmetics and handling cosmetic application products. Wash your hands before you handle both cosmetics and products. This will certainly prevent contamination. Ensure that you wash application products immediately after use; never store them with makeup on.
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The secret in making your cosmetics and cosmetics last long lies in how you use both products. Simply keep them clean and dispose them off within six months. When it comes to cosmetics, consider six months as a very long time. Make comparison with how long you need to use a toothbrush.

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