Which Swimsuit Will Look Best On Me?

Being into water sports makes it necessary for you to have appropriate swimsuit. Such a swimsuit should not only be comfortable but highly functional as well. In shopping for an appropriate swimsuit, it is important that you go for a suit that flatters your body figure. It is however important to note that very few people have perfect bodies and you too may be have something to deal with. Although you have access to various women swimsuits, unisex swimsuits are also available that you can try out.

Some of the swimsuits you may want to try out include:

  • One-piece swimsuits – One-piece swimsuits will cover much of your tummy while showing more back. Some designs will expose much of your thighs. Pick one-piece swimsuits if you wish to show your outstanding assets while concealing particular areas.
  • Bikini swimsuits – Bikini swimsuits feature two pieces of clothing, the top covering your breasts with the other covering your groin and buttocks. You mid section is left bare. Bikinis are available in many designs and styles.
  • Tankini swimsuits – Unlike Bikini swimsuits, Tankini swimsuits are made of three clothing pieces; one covering your breasts, the other covering your groin and buttocks and the last covering your stomach. Most of your back is however left bare.
  • Monokini swimsuits – Monokini swimsuits are designed in such a way that they resemble one-piece swimsuits from the front while looking like a bikini from the back.
  • Burqini swimsuits – Burqini swimsuits resemble diver’s wetsuits. They cover the whole of your body except the face.

Swimsuits are designed and styled differently. While some may be tight fitting, others are loose fitting. They in most cases feature additional lining fabric that offers nudity protection in case the outer fabric becomes transparent when wet.

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Choosing the appropriate swimsuit to purchase can be a challenge. However, you can make it easy by ascertaining your body type. Go through the following body types with corresponding appropriate swimsuits to assist you in your selection:

  • Pear or Triangle body type –You feature a small bust and an average-size waist. You also feature a large bottom. You may want to draw attention to your bust. Going for Tankini swimsuits is appropriate for their effect of making your bottom look less heavy.
  • Curvy body type – You feature an hourglass body shape. Although you have a large bust and hips, your waistline is small. You may want to show off your curves by going for one-piece swimsuits in bold colors.
  • Straight or Athletic body type – You definitely do not have curves. Going for Bikini swimsuits will be appropriate. They will flatter your slender shape.
  • Petite body type – You feature short legs and or short torso. Monokini swimsuits will be appropriate, as they will create an impression that you are tall. It will be good if you go for colorful designs.

It is important to point out that you fit into more than one of the body types listed. In such a case, you try out two or three different swimsuits and select one that is both comfortable and functional. Taking good care of your swimsuits is vital. Bacteria, germs and mold can easily grow on swimsuits stores while still wet. Do not wear a damp swimsuit. You are likely to suffer from bacterial infection.

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