10 Bedtime Beauty Tips

You definitely take every necessary measure to enhance your beauty during the day. Due to various factors such as work demands and other daily activities, you probably have less time to appropriately enhance your natural beauty the way you wish. Is this the end of it all? Not necessarily. Who said that you cannot beautify yourself after the day is over? It is true. You can make yourself beautiful during the night and find it much easy to do the same the following day. Below are some of bedtime beauty tips that you need to consider to make yourself beautiful round the clock:

  • Quality sleep – You definitely go to sleep on a daily basis. However, you need to ask yourself whether you obtain quality sleep or not. Quality sleep should be adequate and uninterruptable. It is during sleep that vital body processes take place. Apart from much needed rest, your body replaces dead cells and rejuvenates the skin. Certain enzymes and hormones only perform their functions when you are asleep. Wit inadequate and interrupted sleep, these processes cannot take place and you find it very difficult in the morning. Quality sleep is therefore a major beauty ingredient.
  • Beddings – You need to evaluate your kind of beddings. Using satin bed sheets and pillows greatly reduce friction that can lead to hair breakages and creases on your skin.
  • Diet – The importance of a healthy diet does not end during the day. As your body undertakes various processes as you sleep, body enzymes and cells use varied minerals, vitamins and essential oils in performing their functions. It is therefore very important to ensure that your diet contains the requisite nutrients. Doing so can actually see you using minimal creams and lotions during the day.
  • Bath – After a hectic day, your body muscles need to relax to get ready for the next day. To assist your muscles relax and tone down, make it a routine to take a warm bath before retiring to bed. Apart from relaxing your muscles, a warm bath will clear your skin of all impurities, leaving skin cells to breathe clean air and be able to function to their optimum while you sleep.
  • Moisturization – It is important to moisturize your body after bathing and just before you retire to bed. Moisturization repairs any ill effects of sun, wind, sweat and weather, factors you were exposed to during the day. The aroma of moisturization cream or lotion you use should be soothing and aid adequate sleep.
  • Use of creams/lotions – The only cream/lotion you should use before retiring to bed is that which moisturizes your body. Reserve any other cream/lotion for the morning.
  • Exercise – Exercising is a very important beauty ingredient. Make it a routine to perform exercises before you bath in preparation for going to bed.
  • Fluid intake – Along with a healthy diet, fluids are vital for healthy skin and hair. While cream/lotion moisturizers act externally, fluids do so internally. You need to drink plain water not only throughout the day but before you retire to bed. Make it a routine to also drink varied fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Comfort – Comfort during sleep is vital. If you need to share a bed, ensure that you have enough space.
  • Care of lips – Note that your lips do not have sebaceous glands like the rest of your skin. You will greatly benefit by applying a lip balm on your lips before retiring to bed. You will achieve soft and even lips in the morning.
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You seriously need to follow a bedtime beauty regime that will see you cut down on the time you spend on beautifying yourself in the morning or throughout the day. Maintaining such a regime is bound to increase your confidence and preparedness to handle your daily activities effectively.

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