Suffering from Premature Skin Aging? – 10 Tips to Healthy Looking Skin

Your skin is the outer body organ visible to everyone. One can tell your overall state of health by simply looking at the kind of skin your wear. It is a fact that your skin ages as you age and the natural aging process should be progressive. However, you can induce premature aging of your skin by through your lifestyle, which forces you to embark on using anti aging skincare products early in your life. Below are just some of the lifestyle habits that will lead to premature aging of your skin:

1. Cigarette smoking – Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, some of which are not friendly to your skin. Smoking or exposing your skin to cigarette smoke lead to depletion of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant vitamin that helps keep your skin healthy, plump and moist. Either smoking or exposing your skin to cigarette smoke therefore leads to fine wrinkles, one of the signs of skin aging. The use of anti-wrinkle products becomes necessary for skin restoration.

2. Exposure to sunrays – Sunrays contains dangerous UVB and UVA radiation rays that have a negative effect on the skin. Exposing your skin to sunrays without any protection stresses your skin. You literally make your skin highly susceptible to various skin ailments including skin cancer. Once you expose your skin to sunrays, it becomes mottled in appearance and freckles. Skin sagging, the other early signs of skin aging, becomes evident. You develop a light and transparent skin with blood vessels visible. It may be necessary to design an anti aging diet to reverse such damages.

3. Inactivity – Unbelievably, being inactive most of the time leads to early skin aging. Health professionals recommend that you perform regular exercises to get your body muscles toned and for efficient blood flow. Exercising opens up your hair follicles, leading to elimination of waste through sweat and good aeration of skin cells. This leaves your skin free of toxic substances. Lack of exercise therefore leads to early aging of your skin and you are bound to have wrinkles.

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4. Exposure to cold weather – Cold weather and low temperatures cause dryness on your skin. Being in a heated room also leads to skin dehydration. In both cases, your skin is bound to age faster than is necessary.

5. Alcohol – Consuming alcohol leads to early aging of your skin faster than you can imagine. Alcohol dilates small blood vessels, damaging them in the process. This is not good for your skin and lead to early skin aging and you are likely to anti aging creams before the appropriate time.

6. Stress/Depression – Being stressed or depressed has a direct effect on your skin. Stress clearly shows on your skin and leads to early skin aging. Skin stress, which is usually accompanied by whitishness of skin is one of the common symptoms of skin aging.

7. Lack of sleep – Lack of adequate sleep leads to tiredness and your facial skin receives all the impact. You are bound to have dark circles around your eyes, facial skin sagging and ski bags under your eyes. This leads to early skin aging, forcing your to start using face cream.

8. Diseases – Apart from external skin infections, internal diseases such as diabetes affect your skin negatively. Having such health problems lead to early skin aging. You are likely to notice fine wrinkles on your skin. Skin sagging can also occur on your face, neck and arms. One is bound to notice that you have aging face, which may be a different case when compared to skin on other parts of your body.

9. Diet – Your regular diet contributes heavily to the health of your skin. A poor diet without the vital minerals, vitamins and essential oils leads to poor health skin, which in effect becomes dry. Your skin is bound to be thin and susceptible to infections, damage. You will have a dull skin, which will necessitate the need for you to start using skincare products at an early age.

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10. Medications – Certain medications have direct side effects on the skin. Using such medications for a long time seriously affects your skin, making you have aging skin early in your life. You will definitely need to use cosmetics to restore your skin.

Beauty and skin are two inseparable components. This can however be destroyed by early skin aging, one of the major problems that young men and women have to deal with. Although aging cream products such as wrinkle cream applications are available, heir use at an early age is certainly not appropriate. It is better to prevent early skin aging at all costs and the best way to prevent the same is to avoid the above risks.

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