10 Most Popular Beauty Treatments Among Celebrities

Looking at any female celebrity makes you wonder if she was born the way she presents herself. Her outlook appears to be unique. For a moment you think that you can never attain such ‘flawless’ beauty. While some women celebrities exhibit natural beauty and only enhance the same with little makeup, some actually go for varied beauty treatments that make them appear the way they are. No matter your age, you too can obtain such treatments and present yourself in a celebrity way. Some of the latest and popular beauty treatments among female celebrities include:

  • Detox – Body detoxification is very popular with female celebrities. You not only eliminate toxic substances from your body, you also lose any extra weight in the process. There are various body detox techniques available that you can choose from, depending on your need. You can see perfect detoxification in Diane Lane.
  • Mud Bath – Ever considered having a mud bath for beauty. Have a look at Diane Lane who combines mud bath with detox to maintain her beauty. Move from Diane and look at Vera Farmiga who regularly visits spas for mud bath as part of a full seaweed body treatment. In mud bath, serums and clay are applied on your body to for cleansing and detoxification. This disperses fat deposits and tones your skin, restoring its elasticity.
  • Facials – How do you achieve a facial look such that worn by Rachel Weisz, Kate Bosworth and Naomi Watts? Visit a spa managed by a professional facialist for varied facial treatments using a combination of organic beauty products that focus on your facial beauty enhancers within yourself. You come out looking gorgeous and attractive.
  • Body massage – Very popular with female celebrities. Ask Elizabeth Taylor how she manages to obtain such a wonderful skin. Her answer has always been full body message coupled with skin exfoliation. These beauty treatments eliminate dead skin, allowing for growth of new skin cells that also receive adequate nutrients because of massage.
  • Glossy hair treatments – Want a hair and skin such as that worn by Nicole Kidman? Here is her beauty secret; avoid being in the sun, rinse your hair with champagne while eating a lot of varied fruits and vegetables. Nicole wears skin that is always radiating and in her own words, she rarely uses makeup, an effect that extends to her hair. One of her other secret is rather peculiar; fall in love (it actually has a positive effect on your skin and hair).
  • Body waxing – Body waxing does not only remove unwanted hair, it removes dead skin as well. No wonder Elizabeth Taylor’s skin looked flawless (those days).
  • Steam baths – How regularly do you have steam baths? In Salma Hayek’s own words, she refuses to be intimidated by aging process; she refuses to be afraid of it. What does she do differently? Regular steam baths, positive attitude and healthy diet. You can certainly do the same.
  • Spa treatment – Almost 50 years and Demi Moore’s skin and overall health seems perfect. She simply looks fabulous at her advanced age. Apart from leech therapy that she is fond of, Demi visits spa for varied treatments. Such include body massage, mud baths and therapy treatments.
  • Pedicure and Manicure – Now aged 55, Patti Hansen’s hair, skin and nails look very healthy. She mentions her healthy diet and proper care of her hands and feet (including toes, fingers and nails) as her secret. You cannot be left out.
  • Face packs – Ellen DeGeneres wears a face that is flawless, a fact she attributes to face packs she uses. Such include facial skin glow pack that leaves your face glowing. Others include green clay pack and sandal wood powder pack, all of which prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, dark circles, pimples and acne.
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Want to look like a celebrity? It costs nothing. Employ some of the above beauty treatments and obtain the same beauty exhibited by female celebrities.

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