10 Tips for Healthy & Beautiful Nails


Both your finger and toe nails represent your overall health. For this reason, you need to make them strong and healthy. How do you make them strong and healthy? Note that your nails are alive and to remain a live, they depend on the kinds of food you eat, just like other organs in your body. This means that a poor diet that leads to poor health will definitely show on your nails. In contrast, a healthy diet leads to good health, which is also bound to be presented in your nails. Unknown to many people and in particular women, hair will remain strong and healthy so long as the nails are, and vice-versa. This is simply because the nutrients that nails require are the same nutrients that hair requires.

The following tips should help you in working to wear strong and healthy nails that can be appreciated by anyone:

  • There is nothing as important as hygiene when it comes to healthy and beautiful nails. Make it a practice to always have clean nails. In particular, wash your hands (when washing your face) before going to sleep. While doing so, ensure that you clean the cuticles of any accumulated dirt. Ensure that you wipe your nails dry with a towel. If possible, apply a moisturizer on them to keep them soft. You may also apply petroleum jelly into the cuticles as well as on your hands.
  • Because you regularly use your hands to do work including housework, it is very important to protect your nails. Washing dishes or scrubbing involves the use of detergents and cleaners that can affect your nails. Make it a point to wear protective hand gloves whenever you undertake such work.
  • It is very important to consider how you remove nail polish in case you are fond of applying the same. In order to protect your nails, you need to avoid using acetone-based nail-polish removers. Formaldehyde nail-polish removers are also not appropriate.
  • Although you may need to file your nails, it is important that you do not do so when your nails are still wet. This increases chances of breakage. While filing dry nails however, you need to do so in one direction. The back and forth filing motion simply makes your nails brittle.
  • For strong, shiny and beautiful nails, consider buffing them. Buffing has the effect of augmenting blood supply into your nails, which stimulates their growth.
  • Although the practice of fixing artificial nails has become very common, you need to avoid the same if you want to have healthy and beautiful nails. The fact that artificial nails are fixed using chemicals and glue causes damage to the underlying nails in addition to increasing chances of fungal infections.
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A close look at the above tips shows that they are mainly practices that you need to employ to obtain healthy and beautiful nails.

Diet for Beautifull Nails

You need to include particular components in diet for perfect results. Consider the following:

  • Embark on a diet rich in vitamin A. Consuming such a diet is the easiest way of combating dryness on your nails. You should obtain vitamin A by eating apricots, cheese and calcium mineral, which is readily available in milk, yoghurt and almonds.
  • Drinking water is very beneficial to your body, including your nails. Make it a point to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday to keep your body and nails properly hydrated. In addition to plain water, make it a pint to drink varied fresh fruit juices.
  • Lack of vitamin B 12 has a negative impact on your nails (and your hair too). Lack of this vitamin leads to rounded and curved nails that are often dark in color. Make it a point to eat varied fruits to obtain this vital vitamin. You may also make it a routine to drink varied fresh fruit juices.
  • To combat the common problem of hangnails, you need to eat a diet rich in proteins, vitamin C and B9 (folic acid).

Obtaining healthy and beautiful nails does not require the use of makeup and cosmetics. A healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids is the best option available. In any case, it is not only your nails that benefit but your whole body a well.

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    Informative Thx for sharing But Hydration is the first step towards health and beautiful skin . The water supply has the dermis and epidermis, which constitutes 20-25% of that of the whole Body.

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