10 Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Who does not want a pair of soft, pink, juicy lips? But, it is still a dream come true to you, isnt it? Just relax! ‘Dark lips’ is a very common problem nowadays and there is nothing to worry about it. To get rid of dark lips, ‘Womentribe’ suggests you 10 simple and easy remedies.

Check these out:

1. We keep our teeth clean always. Why not the lips? The skin on our lips is completely different from the skin present on our other body parts. It is 5 times more sensitive as well as delicate than other areas of our body. Hence, take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub your lips with it each night to remove dead cells from your lips. It is the first step to remove dark and dry lips.

2. Lemon juice itself acts as a lip whitener. Apply it daily on your lips to lighten them. You can also mix some almond oil or glycerin with lemon juice and use it every night on your lips to get light pink lips.

3. Do you love using lipsticks to make your lips appear sexy and lustrous? Be cautious! They contain several chemicals some of which might take a toll on your lips and make them darker. Always perform a patch test before buying any lipstick. Apply the shade on your arm first and if there is any type of irritation or any other soreness, do not pick up that.

4. Are you sure that the lipstick you are using is not expired or too old? Old and expired lipsticks as well as products of unknown and cheap brands might contain harmful chemicals. Also, make it a point that you remove your lipstick every day before going to bed. These will help you protect your lips from darkening.

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5. Fresh coconut milk is an excellent solution for dark lips. Rub your lips with it regularly and get pink and moist lips.

6. Do you love honey? Well, your lips also love honey! Yes, a 15 minute-massage with honey can bring the lost glow and shine of your lips. After finishing the massage, rinse off with water and discover a pair of light pink lips.

7. So you have been using a quality night cream to keep your skin healthy and glowing, right? Do the same for your lips also. Prepare a mixture with (1/2) teaspoon of each – glycerin, castor oil and lemon juice, massage you lips with it and leave overnight to get rid of dark and dry lips.

8. A coat of coconut oil can do wonders for your dark lips! Apply it before going to sleep each night.

9. Take a little cream made from milk curd and mix saffron with it. Apply the mixture on your lips to get rid of dark lips.

10. Finally, lifestyle changes can help you get back your natural pink lips easily. Quit all your bad habits, such as too much intake of tea or coffee, extreme smoking, licking lips with tongue etc. Consume plenty of fruits, vegetables and water daily. If your job demands long exposure to the sun, use a coat of UV protector on your lipsticks.

Follow the aforementioned remedies and discover how soft, pink and attractive your lips are!

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    Apply fresh coconut milk on the lips every night before going to bed. It has a bleaching effect that helps in lightening the color of the lips.
    Massaging the lip with half a teaspoon of castor oil, half a teaspoon of glycerin and half a teaspoon of lemon juice and leaving it overnight also helps in lightening your lip colors a lot. They also help in healing lips that have darkened due to excessive dryness. It is a good Beauty Tip for Dark Lips.

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