5 Essential Salts to Try in Your Bath Tub

Bath salts have been around for some time and you have probably used one or two of the available brands. Generally, bath salts make your time in the tab pleasurable. Different bath salts have different effects on your skin and the whole of your body. While some work externally on your skin, others are absorbed by your skin, ending up in your blood stream and therefore have a degree of effect on your internal organs. Because of this fact, bath salts have become very controversial. Some bath salt manufacturers have been found to include unhealthy substances in their salts, thereby risking the lives of their customers. In addition to this, some bath salt manufacturers use illicit ingredients in producing their salts, literally transforming you into a drug user without your knowledge. It is no wonder therefore that some brands of bath salts are now banned in certain jurisdictions.

It is therefore very important to be careful whenever you are out shopping for a bath salt. It is important that you read labels carefully and make appropriate enquiries whenever necessary. For safety purposes, ensure that there is a physical address of the manufacturer in addition to other communication avenues. Below are five essential salts you may wish to try in your bath tab:

  • Raving Dragon Bath Salt – The Raving Dragon bath salt has an amazing effect on your body. You experience a flush of euphoria engulfing the whole of your body once you get into the water. Your vision and hearing senses are awakened, allowing you to see and hear better. Using the bath salt prior to going to bed enables you to obtain sound sleep. If you use it in the morning, its effects are bound to continue for about two hours before you start feeling the effects fade away. The fading away of its effects is very beneficial; you remain relaxed with a feeling of contentment. Its big advantage is that it has no negative side effects such as hangovers.
  • Ocean Snow Bath Salt – Ocean Snow bath salt is becoming very popular. Using the salt in your tab awakens all your senses. You instantly become alert, full of energy and active. Just like with Raving Dragon bath salt, Ocean Snow bath salt aides in attaining smooth sleep.
  • Recharge Extra Power Bath Salt – Recharge Extra Power bath salt has instant body stimulation effect coupled with a stingy feeling. It provides your body with energy, leaving you highly active to perform the rest of your duties or attain quality sleep if you use it before going to bed. One of its greatest benefits is its effect on the brain. As it is absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream and therefore reaches your brain, the resultant stimulation makes you alert with mental sharpness. You are able to make informed decisions much quickly.
  • Blue Silk Bath Salt – Blue Silk bath salt is one of the most expensive bath salts available. This is due to its potency. This salt has instant stimulating effect upon entering your blood stream. Its euphoric effect cannot be compared with any other bath salt.
  • Cloud 9 Bath Salt – Cloud 9 bath salts is perhaps the most popular bath salt available. You experience euphoria coupled with increased energy. You mind awakens and you become alert to everything around you.
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It is very important to point out that bathing salts are widely abused. This is because some salts contain chemical substances that have the same effects as those of cocaine and other hard drugs. Most people are now buying bathing salts not to use in their tabs but to snort. It is no wonder then that many jurisdictions are considering burning all forms of bath salts.

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