5 Easy Tips To Get Beautiful Feet This Summer

Summer time is the time that you should have healthy soft and beautiful feet. Although not in all regions, summer is associated with hot and dry weather. Because the nights are short and days long, your feet are exposed to what you may consider harsh conditions that can lead to dryness of your feet. You need to start looking after your feet before the season sets in because schools close for summer holiday and you may not find enough time to tender your feet with children taking most of your time.

As most people do during summer time, you are likely to spend most of your time outdoors. The warm temperatures will motivate you to venture out and head to a beach somewhere or participate in the various activities associated with summer including skateboarding, water skiing and various other sports activities. This makes it very necessary to pay close attention to your feet to get them ready for summer. Remember that the state of your feet will make other people form an opinion about your personality, something that you cannot ignore.

Tips to Get Beautiful Feet in Summer

Use the following tips not only to get your feet ready for summer but also for having healthy, soft and beautiful feet:

Hygiene – Ensure that your feet are clean at all times. Make it a routine to wash your feet everyday (apart from bathing). It will serve you good to wash them in warm soapy water. Undertake rinsing using cool water before thoroughly drying with a towel. Do not however leave them so; apply foot cream to keep them soft and nourished.

Scrub – In washing your feet, make it a routine to use a foot scrubber to scrub your feet. Remember that your feet contain many dead cells that you regularly need to get rid of on a daily basis.

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Protection – Exposing your body to direct sunlight presents the risk of UV radiation from sunrays. Although you will occasionally go out in open shoes or sandals, you need to do so after applying sunscreen to provide protection to your feet against radiation.

Odour – Odour is the worst thing that you want your feet to have. While regular washing may deal with this, you may consider investing in foot sprays, moisturizers and powders.

Shoes – To maintain healthy and soft feet, you need to invest in good shoes. It will be important to consider buying shoes that are comfortable and fitting well. Consider buying your shoes in the evenings when your feet enlarged. Fitting shoes at this time will fit you at any time.

How to Clean & Care For Your Feet?

Getting your feet ready for summer need not be an expensive affair. If you are not in a position to invest in the products available commercially, you may consider using natural ingredients that are also very effective in producing healthy soft feet. The natural ingredients available include lemon juice, cinnamon powder, olive oil, milk and water. You can use these ingredients to clean your feet, leaving them healthy and soft.

  1. In warm water, add lemon juice, cinnamon powder, olive oil and milk in reasonable quantities.
  2. Mix well before putting in your feet. Soak for a maximum of 20 minutes.
  3. After the soaking, wash your feet in cool water using a mild soap, dry with a towel and apply foot cream or lotion.  Doing this regularly will enable you have healthy, soft and beautiful feet that will make you stand out during summer.
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