6 Easy Steps To Soften Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is the second natural sign of puberty observed in women. No girl can avoid it. However, the problem lies in the growth and texture of it. Most of us have dry and coarse hair in that private part, and it is a real discomfort. Hence, we all look for some simple and natural ways to soften them. Here are 6 easy and simple steps to soften pubic hair:

1. Keep Pubes Hydrated

The first and foremost way to make your pubic hair softer is to keep them hydrated and well-moisturized always. It reduces the chance of post-shaving irritation in the pubic region. Conditioner is the most effective option for this. However, picking up the right conditioner is a big deal. As the pubic area is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, the conditioner should be mild enough and particularly designed for the sensitive skin. It must not contain any element like aroma, dyes etc. Every day after taking a shower, wet your pubic hair with lukewarm water. Then take the conditioner in adequate quantity and gently massage your pubic hair as well as the skin of the pubic area with it. After 1-2 minutes, wash off with plain cold water and see the difference.

2. Trim Lengthy Hair

If the hair in your pubic region is long enough, you might have long been facing the problem of itchiness. Longer pubic hair raises the level of discomfort tremendously. Hence, keep it short. Use a pair of sharp scissors and carefully trim your pubic hair down without wounding your skin. Once done, clean and wash your pubic area with lukewarm water and apply a mild moisturizing lotion or baby oil. It is easy to soften pubic hair when it is shorter.

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3. Use a Moisturizer

A natural moisturizer is a must for getting soft and smooth pubic hair. After shaving your pubic region, apply a good quality moisturizer that does not contain any flavor, fragrance, or alcohol. It is helpful in stopping the formation of ingrown hair and keeping your pubic hair softer too.

4. Use Mild Soap

Common body soaps contain harsh ingredients that make your skin as well as your pubic hair rough and drier. Instead of using these, use a mild soap in order to clean your pubic region. It will help you maintain soft and smooth pubic hair.

5. Drink Water

Drink lots of water. It keeps our system clear as well as well-hydrated which ultimately leads to smoother and softer hair. Also, include other healthy fluids like fruit juices, fruit smoothies, shakes, soups etc. into your diet. Remember, dehydrated body makes your pubic hair appear coarse and rough.

6. Shave If Nothing Works

If your pubic hair is extremely coarse and rough, you must shave it first to get softer hair further. A shaving cream containing natural elements and able to generate lots of foam should be used with a sharp, new and hygienic shaver. Never shave in the reverse direction of the growth of your hair, or it will end up in producing ingrown hair and more rough & coarse hairs. Just clean your private part, moisturize the skin to make it softer and the newly generated pubic hair would definitely be softer.

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  1. 1

    I love how it implies I’m going to shave around just about every turn. Screw that! I’m not gonna make my pubies all soft just so I can scratch them off with a razor!

  2. 2

    “If your pubic hair is extremely course and rough you must shave it first to get softer hair…” I’m sorry, but this is the worst advice anyone could possibly give someone seeking “softer” pubic hair. SHAVING COARSENS HAIR DON’T DO IT! Who the hell wrote this rubbish??

  3. 6

    S.oft hair is the natural state of hair. Hairs that have not been cut are tapered to a fine point and so are very flexible toward their ends.
    When hairs are cut they have a blunt end of the same diameter or cross-section as the shaft of the hair. This makes them stiffer than uncut hair.
    The best cleansing of the pubes and vulva is with warm plain water. Many women can tolerate harsher cleansers but if any irritation, bumps, pimples, etc. appear, change to another mild cleanser or back to warm plain water.
    Hospitals and nursing homes use very mild liquid soap especially for bed baths because thorough rinsing possible. There are several brands. You might try one or more of them.
    Except on doctor’s orders don’t put anything in your vagina other than clean fingers with smoothly trimmed nails, a clean penis, clean etc. The vagina is self cleaning as there is a constant flow of mucus that keeps the lining membrane slightly moist and slippery so the walls don’t chafe as they slide against one another from walking and other movement. When relaxed the vagina is nearly closed flat. It opens when aroused in preparation for being penetrated. Only then does it appear like you see in medical pictures and porno.
    Do not use “antibacterial” crap on yourself, especially on sensitive areas. Our entire bodies are coated with beneficial yeasts and bacteria. If the idea makes you feel “eewwwww!!” You need to get over it. Excessive bathing upsets the balance of beneficial yeasts and bacteria, leaving the skin vulnerable to harmful bacteria and fungi.
    There is nothing wrong with the natural scent of a reasonably clean body. Perfumes commonly irritate the skin and only mask odors produced by harmful bacteria and yeasts. “Antibacterial” soaps contain a nasty chemical, Triclophan , which is a serious environmental troublemaker in addition to being unnecessary. Skin is cleansed by floating oils off the skin by detergent , which carries dirt, dead skin flakes and excess bacteria and yeasts so they can be washed away with water.

    • 7

      Hello Bob, that seems like very sound advice. Thanks. Only, could you please explain the last line again, not very clear to me, the use of ‘floating’ actually. Did you mean the use of detergent is enough….

      • 8

        Detergent is any substance that lifts oils. Natural detergent is soap. When oils are lifted from the skin they carry soil and odor-causing contaminants with the oils. Plenty of water is then used to flush the oils and all they contain away, as oil tends to float on water.

  4. 9

    This is the worst advice! Long pubic does not cause more itchiness, people should trim if they want not because this dumb, erroneous article says to. it’s normal for pubic hair to be a little coarse and you soften with conditioner or Shea butter or coconut oil.

    • 10

      Yes it can. Mine is so coarse that it causes me extreme itchiness, discomfort, and pain. I actually began shaving it not to be trendy, but to save myself from the unbearable day to day discomfort of my coarse pubic hair paired with sensitive skin. Shaving it all off is immediate relief.

  5. 11

    If your pubic hair is uncomfortable, maybe you have a skin problem. If it was shaven or waxed, it might be uncomfortable growing back. Otherwise, it should not be a problem..
    Drinking more is not going to change your pubic hair. I think this article was just made up.

  6. 12

    when you shave, it causes your hair to grow back rough and eventually spikey. if you want softer hair down there try olive oil or coconut oil and if its making you itch apply one of these two i mentioned and scratch with the back of your nails not the inside and if you want to use conditioner down there try using coconut milk conditioner and the hotter the water the worse the outcome just like the hair on our head use coolish warm water so it doesn’t damage it.

    • 13

      Thanks for the tips Samina. I used coconut oil at first but it made my skin itchy. Coconut milk conditioner really helped me a lot.

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