8 Effective Tips To Stop Nail Biting Habit

Are you addicted to the worst habit of nail biting? Then you must know that this not only makes your nails look ugly but it is unhygienic too. It would never let you possess healthy, strong and long nails. Moreover they would easily get infected by bacteria and viruses. You might not get rid of the nail biting habit overnight, but you can definitely try for it. Following are 8 effective tips to stop nail biting habit:

Cutting nails short

It is often seen that having long nails is the primary reason behind the nail biting habit. You might feel biting your fingernails if they are longer than normal. If you trim them down, you would be able to control yourself from biting them when you are tempted to do so. Also, give yourself some time and allow for a manicure session once a week for getting absolutely fresh and clean nails. It will indirectly resist you from nail biting as you just won’t want to mess up your beautiful nails.

Saying ‘no’ to stress

Your habit of nail biting might be an obvious outcome of extensive anxiety and stress. Try different efficient relaxation techniques, such as meditation in order to eliminate or control these two evil factors. Adopting such ways would make your mind calm and relaxed. At a time, it would deter you from this bad habit of nail biting.

Chewing up gum

Do you always feel like keeping your mouth busy? Is it the root of your nail biting habit? Well, you should switch to gum in order to avoid this. If you chew a gum constantly, your concentration would be diverted from your nails.

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Applying nail polish

Who wants to spoil her beautiful and well-decorated nails by chewing them off? You too do not, right? Just apply the coat of a wonderful nail polish on your nails and admire them rather than putting them into your mouth.

Using a stress ball

A stress ball can also be of help. Just keep your hands engaged in squeezing the ball if you feel like biting your nails. It is also useful in muscle relaxation which eventually lessens the high levels of anxiety and stress. Therefore, it can stop your nail biting habit too.

Applying vinegar

Vinegar really does not make your taste buds feel good when tasted raw. Hence, applying vinegar on your nails as well as on fingertips is an effective remedy to get rid of the unhealthy habit of biting nails and cuticles.

Using no-bite products

You have tried all the aforementioned remedies but all in vein! Well, go for the no-bite nail polish as well the no-bite nail creams to prevent yourself from biting nails randomly. You will also find quite a few nasty-tasting products in the drugstores which when applied on the nails taste so terrible that you will never put your nails into your mouth again after you have tasted it once.

Consulting a psychiatrist

Yes, you read it right! The awful habit of nail biting could be an apparent sign of severe mental disorder. If this is the situation, you must consult a psychiatrist immediately in order to get rid of it.

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