Aloe Vera – 5 Beauty & Health Benefits

Thought to have originated in Sudan, Aloe vera is a succulent stem less plant that grows up to 39 inches in height. It spreads through offsets. Aloe vera features green, thick and fleshy leaves. Originally common in Africa and India, Aloe vera is now widely distributed and is to be found in China, Australia, US, Barbados amongst other countries. Aloe vera has been used by humankind for centuries in treating varied ailments such as wounds, burns and skin infections, prompting scientific researchers to set out to find what it contains. From studies undertaken, Aloe vera was found to contain polysaccharides, anthraquinones, lectins and mannans. It is known by different names in different regions of the world including Savia (Latin America), Crocodile Tail (Thailand), Crocodile’s Tongue (Indonesia) and Korphad (India).

Originally grown as an ornamental plant, Aloe vera is now commercially grown in many parts of the world. In Kenya, Sudan and Nigeria for example, many farmers in dry areas have taken up Aloe vera farming as their main economic activity, supported by different non-governmental organizations. These organizations have established training programs for the benefit of farmers who now have a source of livelihood. Apart from the fact that it grows in dry areas, Aloe vera is highly resistant to pests, meaning that the farmers incur very little expenses in cultivating the plant.

Health & Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many beauty and health benefits, some of which include:



Aloe vera juice contains varied compounds that are vital for various body processes. Drinking Aloe vera juice in combination with other natural products such as honey has been established to be beneficial to the brain, hair and skin. Aloe vera juice is also important to your digestive system. Drinking Aloe vera juice enables for easy and efficient absorption of nutrients from your digestive system.

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Aloe vera juice is very effective in detoxifying your body of toxic substances. The juice’s detoxifying properties cleanse your digestive system of both toxins and harmful bacteria. This does not only lead to smooth absorption of nutrients but leads to healthy oxygen-rich blood flow as well. Drinking the juice builds your body’s immune system, meaning that you are not susceptible to common illnesses and diseases.



Drinking Aloe vera juice produces healthy and youthful skin. It is a very effective way of preventing the occurrence wrinkles. The juice contains potent anti-aging ingredients. You can also achieve this by applying Aloe vera gel on your skin.



Aloe vera gel for topical application is very effective in treating varied skin ailments and injuries including burns, acne, wounds and abrasions amongst others. Drinking the juice treats heartburn and irritable bowel. Drinking Aloe vera juice has also been established to aid in the lowering of high cholesterol level, in effect preventing the risk of heart disease.

Various Aloe vera beauty products are readily available in the market. Such include Aloe vera soaps, creams and lotions. Various medications and beauty products also contain Aloe vera as an active ingredient. While you are in a position to purchase pure Aloe vera from supermarkets and other outlets, you need to exercise precaution. Pure Aloe vera juice is potent and use of the same requires some degree of care. You also need to be careful with the source of the same. This is because unscrupulous persons have availed fake products in the market, taking advantage of the popularity of Aloe vera products.

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